Saturday, October 30, 2010

Otters use Tools (Scott is wrong)

Otters are pretty damn cute.

They're also pretty damn smart. What? Otters are smart? Yes. Otters are smart (I just said that). So smart that they can use tools!

What? LIES! LIES! I hear you screeching like a deranged banshee at your computer screen until your throat is coarse and bloody. Dude, seriously calm down this is just an otter... look, have a picture of one to calm you down:


(Image source)

Silence yelling Otter of stupidity! It is time to educate you, and everyone else out there that Otters can indeed use tools! Don't believe me? Well let's skip past the Wikipedia Article on it that says that they can (Because hahaha Wikipedia, since when was that reliable?) to some other random website about wildlife and stuff...


They are the only mammals other than primates, birds and a few other animals known to use tools. They use small rocks or other objects to pry shellfish from rocks and to hammer them open.

Propaganda! Yells the yelling Otter of Stupidity (see above) thinking that such trickery is simple and easy on the interwebs!

Well, feast your eyes on:

This video demonstrating in a bit of detail the point I am trying to make!

BAM! As you can see, it grabs a rock and smashes it against the clam on its stomach to break it open so it can eat the tasty gooey insides.

Still don't believe me that they're intelligent? Well screw you! OTTERS ATTACK!!!

Yes! Yes! Tear the flesh from his bones! Attack my pretties, faster! faster!

(Image Source)

Next on Animals that are far more intelligent then you think: Squirrels. THEY CAN SOLVE PUZZLES SCOTT! THEY CAN AND THEY ARE PLOTTING OUR DOWNFALL!


My goodness is that an evil squirrel...

P.S. Shut up Scott, Otters use tools.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Trees have been Spared!

Remember that last blog post where I said I wasn't going to stop printing out endless applications and resumes (thus slowly killing trees) until I got a call back?

Well, thanks to a very special someone (you may remember them from a previous blog post where I called their current staff incompetent?) the trees have been saved because I have a job interview! (NOTE: I only meant ONE of their stores have incompetent staff... I have a job interview at the OTHER store nearby... though yes, I did apply to the one closer that has random poorly alphabetised DVD's everywhere. So it's a GOOD thing that they'd hire me! They're obviously out to find good employees of fine quality that are intelligent, funny, social team workers who have a passion for film, such as myself!)

I am so happy! Has the curse been lifted? Will I somehow ace this interview and get my dream job? (As in my dream retail job... My dream job is film maker. But you know, you got to start somewhere. Quentin Tarantino did) This is brilliant! I hope they don't ever read my blog!

I was sitting in my creative writing class when I got the call. I looked at my phone and didn't recognise the number, it wasn't on my contacts list. Suddenly I realised that unknown contact = EMPLOYER!!!

"I must take this" I said as I rushed out of class, answering the phone before I had even reached the door (much to the amusement of my classmates, who jokingly yelled out "YES MR PRESIDENT?!" as I left the room).

"Hello, it's (name) from Video Ezy, how are you?"

"YES! I mean, I'm good. How are you?"

Yeah, I literally did this while on the phone just after I had exited the classroom:

Image source:

Though admittedly not quite as enthusiastic as Lleyton Hewitt, but still. I was damn excited and I have every reason to be so! I got a job interview! Finally! After three YEARS of trying harder and harder it pays off! I handed in an application and the NEXT DAY I get a call! Thank you God, you rock dude.

So come this Wednesday I am going to rock out. Bring it on interviewer, let me wow you. Could anyone go any further for a Video Rental Store job than a Film Student? Hello, I am a FILM STUDENT! that is desperate for a job and committed enough to do it properly! There is none more suited for this job than I! I do really believe being a film student actually helped secure me this interview, and as such I utter the following sentence:

To those who think doing a Humanities subject at University will never get a person a job: Suck it.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Death to Trees!

Recently I decided that enough is enough. Sure, I am permanently unemployable according to past experience but if I've learnt anything from the past 3 years of constant trying it's this...

Try harder.

Resumes are propaganda and you just need to put enough of it out there before someone actually believes you are worth the job. I firmly believe that stubbornness is the best way to get things done, because persistence and resilience is really just a kind of stubbornness. Don't think I'm worth giving a job to? Well I'll try somewhere else. I'll try again in 3 months. I won't stop bugging you.

Image from: Here

So recently I have decided to apply to at least one place every single day until I get a job. It's not a "oh I've done one job application I can tick that off my list of things to do today" nonsense. No. It's a print out a dozen resumes and see how fast I can get rid of them kind of thing.

I will not stop killing off the trees until I get an interview! Want the rainforests to be preserved? Then lower the damn unemployment rate by employing me! May the end of preservation hang heavy on the guilty conscience of the local retail business not mine. I blame them entirely for my print, hand out, repeat attitude.

I walk into stores, find the manager and go "Merry Christmas!" as I hand them a resume. Sometimes I even say "Give me the gift of a job this Christmas" just to make them feel guilty for not considering it. If you need a Christmas Casual you cannot overlook me! The delightful spry adult who needs someone to interview him to know just how brilliant he can be at whatever job that you need!

I don't care if most of you employers will take one look at my long curly hair and beard and think I'm a lazy slob, I don't care if they skim read it, see no outstanding record of retail experience at age 18, I will not stop trying. Someone out there is going to stop and think "He's 18 with no proper experience... because before no one would hire him because he was 17 with no proper experience..." thus realising that it is not a deficiency on my side, but actually an unfortunate cycle of "you don't have experience thus I won't employ you" preventing me from getting experience to ACTUALLY GET EMPLOYED!

So death to the trees. I wish it hadn't come to this... but the environment must die if I am to ever hope of rising above the curse of unemployment. Sorry Environment...

Failure has only brought me to become more determined. Bring it world.

Bring it.

How to Fail your Drivers Test (In Under 15 Minutes)

Dearest random reader from Slovenia, let me tell you about the epic task of getting one's driving license in Australia.

First, you pass a written test, then when you're 16 you get your Learners (Or L's) then you learn, then you take a practical test, then you drive around even more as a Learner, then you take your Hazard Perception test to get your P's (Or... What does P stand for? Who knows? Nothing probably...) then you drive around for a few years before they actually go "Yeah, after about 5 years we're going to give you a proper license." Which is actually a stupid order to things when you think about it. You see, if only they gave you the Hazard Perception Test BEFORE the Practical Test then you wouldn't fail nearly as much because you'd have to actually understand how the road works before you take your test . That way you wouldn't get cute 17 year old girls cutting me off at roundabouts... and then failing their test 5 minutes in.

Ha! An amateur mistake! Double lane roundabouts are bound to stuff up first time test takers no matter how experienced they are at driving!

...that's what happened to me the first time I failed.

Yeah, I failed my drivers test in under 15 minutes last time I tried it back in January. I called up near the end of December thinking I'd get something in February because people always say you need to book months in advance they're always booked. To my surprise I got something in the very start of January. The 3rd or something... 4th? 5th? Well they informed me that I would have to give 48 business hours before the test if I wanted to change or cancel my test which due to the large amounts of public holidays at the end of the year meant I had until.... 5pm to change. It was about 3 at the time. ".....Yeah OK."

Roundabouts... they're evil. They lurk there, waiting for you to enter them, waiting for you to screw up your indicator or not give way to the right... or just barrel straight through them even though they are curved and you need to indicate before changing lanes/you're not meant to change lanes while entering a roundabout...

..that's what I did. *Ahem*

So yes, I did what anyone who failed their drivers test did. I didn't drive for a very long time and when I did I avoided roundabouts.

(No, I am not this bad)

But then I got back on my horse and I got back to driving (which I know I can do, I am fine it's just I completely freaked and mindblanked during the test) and even got a few professional lessons and the teacher was like "OK let's do this... OK you can do that fine, let's do something else... OK you can do this fine too but (insert tiny little bit of advice). OK you don't actually need lessons... one more then book your test."

He even gave me a lesson just beforehand to make sure everything was polished and smoothed over then loaned me the car for the test. As we walk up to the licensing centre I received the weirdest analogy for taking a drivers test ever.

"Take it slow, don't rush it. It's like screwing a woman, if you take it too fast you ejaculate too soon."

....Um.................... thanks..... great thing to hear just before a drivers test.

(Because, there's nothing like a middle aged man talking about premature ejaculation to calm your nerves before a big practical test)

So today it was Take 2: Me vs The Australian Licensing Centre. BRING IT! I drove fine, I never neglected my indicating, my mirror checking, I stopped at every stop sign. Then I was easing out into the middle of an intersection, as you do, and was thinking about going, as you do when there's no oncoming traffic, but there were two people coming up to turn (each quite a bit apart) I wait for the first one, may have started edging forward and- ASSESSOR SLAMS BREAKS! Instant fail - failure to give way to traffic.

WOMAN! Can't you see I was trying to drive? Damnit to hell! I was barely moving you didn't have to hit the breaks!

On the bright side I lasted a whole probably 5 minutes longer than last time (I was still on section one of their little sheet of things to tick and comment shamefully on. I can't think of a proper name for it so let's call it "The Paper of SHAME") but still under 15 minutes.

Then later my mother, quite shocked that her perfectly competent driver of a son failed... again... was driving me around as I was handing out applications (OK I had been driving a good half of the day before my drivers test, I can only drive so much before I want to rest) was all like "What? I don't understand how did you fail your drivers test?" (she says while turning right at a traffic light) to which I reply "What you just did. I did exactly what you just did..."

Then I examined the situation and realised that traffic lights generally have give way sections when turning left and I was turning right, which means the guy coming on that I failed because of SHOULD'VE GIVEN WAY TO ME AND I SHOULDN'T HAVE GOT AN INSTANT FAIL! DAMNIT! DAMNIT! STUPID FOWL WOMAN THAT DRIVERS LICENSE SHOULD BE MINE!

Then I thought about it some more and realised that there is ONE (ONLY ONE) traffic light intersection in Joondalup where this almost universal rule is excepted and there is an arrow traffic light for those turning left on one side but not the other... so it MIGHT have been THAT. Yeah, I was turning right and there was no arrow. I was put in the most obscure and most difficult situation I could've been and I was caught out on a tiny tiny judgement.

Yep, the basic gist of how to Fail your Drivers Test in Under 15 Minutes is to not drive straight. Any point in time that requires you to stop and then turn is going to be your downfall. Oh yeah, that and I didn't sleep well or eat anything after breakfast and so my test, which was in the afternoon, was done while trying to stay awake. BAD IDEA! Hear me Learner drivers, the world is not straight, it is bent and it is going to eat you alive no matter what you do.

So what do you do about it?

You grab that carbon copy of The Paper of SHAME and scrunch it up (after taking note of the mistake you made last time to make sure you never make it again) and throw it in the bin. You book another damn test and you take it again as soon as you can. You know you can drive, don't get discouraged, you let your ego inflate not deflate.

Failure is something that happens naturally, success is rarely natural it needs to be forced. If someone says you failed, prove them wrong.

Spite and stubbornness. Two of the greatest motivators in the world. Next time I shall succeed, and if I don't I will just try again until I do.

I remember this one line from a movie called Little Man Tate (1991):

"A reasonable man adapts himself to the world around him. An unreasonable man expects to the world to adapt *to* him. Therefore all progress is made by unreasonable men."

That stuck with me, I don't remember any other part of the film except that line. I believe it's quite true. Problems are there for you to step on so you can reach higher, not to drag you down.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The World is Watching Me

You know how I often joke that I don't have an audience? (Even my stalker seems to have given up, and I don't blame her but it would be nice if she did come online once in a while) Well turns out I'm wrong. You see I may only have 7 followers (none of which comment ever. Seriously guys, comments? They help me feel loved...) in 2 countries but turns out I have actually got a lot more people reading the things I say than I ever imagined...

...and they come from EVERYWHERE! (some of the less popular ones I've never even heard of!)

And that doesn't show all my randoms from India and a bunch of other places. My blog has been garnering a lot more attention than I thought! Apparently it's got 4 hits this week from Slovenia and 11 in India, 11 from Malta this month and I don't even know where that is! The good citizens of the US of A are oddly more interested with 61 hits this month.

"Wow... wow" you're saying "... that is barely anything at all " But I mean come on! Before I didn't think anyone at all was reading, that it was shut off completely from the world, but now I realise that I'm getting over 200 hits a month (or at least I did last month... you know if I got around 250 hits last month then why is my total hit count only around 700? I think it's because the Google Stats button on my blog is actually quite relatively recent and so it hasn't been measuring the hits for many months...)

So hmm... I actually thought earlier on today that it meant I'd been read over 800 times in the past 2 and a half years but I suppose I'm probably wrong. I am so much more popular than ever before... I have... an audience.

You know what that means... I'm warming up my blogging-muscles and getting ready to trim the blog-flab...

(Dramatic music for large build up)

It's time to blog.

(dun dun dun!)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Paranormal Activi-SHUT THE HELL UP!

Let me tell you the story of how I decided to go see Paranormal Activity 2 with a friend.

Kids from the theatre: if you're reading this I can only assume that you're so petty as to hold a grudge and are attempting to stalk me? Kindly move on. I know I did like... hours ago. It was so minor a conflict, learn to let things go.

Back to the story:

"Hey, come see this movie with me!"
"...OK sure."

We bought tickets to the film! Everyone waved and called out to my friend because apparently every 14/15 year old there (which was over 90% of the audience...) knew her and went to her school. Good for them. I sure hope they don't think I'm dating her...

We walk into the theatre. As the previews roll, someone gets out their green laser pointer...

Oh. Good.

Well you know normally there's that little bit of chatter during the previews and no one minds because you know it's just trailers and ads and then when the film is about to start there's a hushed shh? Well that didn't happen. People just got LOUDER as the film started.

The green laser pointer went away pretty quickly into the film so that was good.

But everyone was just so juvenile, immature and obnoxious. I should have asked for my money back.

The idea behind the Paranormal Activity films is to immerse you in silence... it builds the tension and suspense up by having pointless seeming shots that are incredibly inactive for long periods of time. There's barely any sound and no music to build mood or even give a beat. You sit... and wait... and then even simple things become freaky. Then big things become HUGE and creepy as all hell. It's simple, it's creepy, if it's watched during the day or with noise in the background the film is outright ruined.

So imagine my frustration when there's not just one or two noisy movie goers but an ENTIRE CROWD! They laughed and joked and yelled out things during the film almost constantly. If something scary was about to happen someone had to break the tension with noise. If something scary just happened they had to ruin it by laughing at those who were scared. I only got two scares out of the film when there should've been more. Though apparently it gets better later on so that sucks that I left early...

"I'll give you $5 if you punch that guy who is talking over there..."
"The one in the middle? Sure."

I went a few seats forward and sat there waiting for him to talk... the guy next to him did first so I slapped him in the back of the head and ran back to my seat. I nearly ran into someone returning. It was amusing but then I realised that they were very angry and were talking, pointing at me and looking back and I thought "oh... great... they're going to hit me as soon as I walk out..."

You know I wasn't really scared that they'd severely hurt me, they were 15... (which I learnt soon after when my friend goes "that guy next to him goes to my school... don't worry they're all 15") but I like to avoid conflict if I can. Sure, slapping someone seems to invite it but I wanted to move to a part of the theatre where they couldn't just turn their heads and see me.

But the film itself. That was interesting. It unfortunately (to its demise) at times added in a little bit of humour which just put the audience off for what would happen next... which wasn't a bang or a crash but words and revelations that should've been more shocking but weren't. Though some of the scares were so huge that not even the audiences poor manners made boring. One was big and sudden and garnered a reaction I have never experienced before in a movie theatre. You know in the trailers for Paranormal Activity they show you the audience screaming (because they can't show much footage from the film because it's not that interesting trailer-wise)? Well that didn't happen for the first film but in the 2nd one it did when I was there. All the girls were SCREAMING and other people were pretending to scream to mock them and then everyone else was laughing at those who were screaming instead of just jumping and so you've got screaming and laughing at the same time... accompanied by CLAPPING. Yes, apparently the scare was SO GOOD that people decided to applaud it. Bravo film, bravo! I have never been in an audience that has applauded a film half-way through...

There was another scare. The difference between the first film and the second is the second has a lot more camera angles. It's mainly security footage interspersed with a character picking up a camera occasionally so you get different shots. There was one bit that just had the female part of the audience screeching their heads off, it was actually quite brilliant and the highlight of the film (that I stuck around to watch) and the thing was there was the initial shock of it all so lots of people screamed but then it cut to a new angle (because the character was moving, I won't tell you why or where) and the screams would start again and it cut again and then more screaming and it just didn't die down. The woman runs somewhere and BAM! Another shock scare followed by a cut and more screaming and screaming and screaming. It was good, that bit made me jump and got my heart racing. I didn't scream, I don't do that.

But as always, the other half of the audience decided that this was the opportune moment to KEEP TALKING AND LAUGHING. Seriously the film actually had a really interesting part, LET ME WATCH IT WITH THE SCREAMS OF FEAR OF LITTLE GIRLS INTENDED!

Convinced that this audience would not get any less annoying and that the film was ruined I did what I've never done before...

...walk out. Never been so utterly annoyed/bored because I can't engage in a film that I walked out. That's just how bad it was. I wasn't the one who suggested it btw, it was my friend who was like "let's go" so I just agreed. Terrible circumstances.

The problem was that the kid I slapped walked out with me... along with 5 of his friends.

Oh no. Children...

I ignored them until they tapped me on the shoulder and it would've been rude to ignore them. They were instantly trying to intimidate me with their back up and swear words. Whatever guys. I found the one that I hit and explained "I'm sorry but everyone was talking and I was very annoyed, I couldn't enjoy the film because of the noise so I took my anger out on you because you talked. I apologise." So I explained that it wasn't personal.

They didn't accept the apology.

"We're going to bomb you!" - I could tell from the context that "bomb" meant "beat". Kids these days with their slang... what?

Insert more swear words, angry looks and such. You know where someone moves their head quickly towards someone's face to get them to flinch so they look tougher? He did that really close to my face really quickly. I didn't even flinch because it was just bizarre and pathetic not scary... he's a kid moving his face UP towards mine not DOWN at me... I apologised again, they didn't like it and I was like "Can't you take an apology?" and they said "No." (More of the same rar rar we're intimidating you because you're a c*** p**** get the f*** away because blah blah blah bomb blah blah) You know they said my slap was unimpressive and weak (it was meant to be weak, I didn't want to physically harm you dude I just wanted you and every one else to shut up) and I apologised thoroughly, what more does one want really? Leave me alone.

They told me to walk away or more threatening things will occur and you know I didn't want to look submissive but hey I had said everything I could, the conversation wasn't going anywhere and I just wanted the conflict resolved so I left as they wished. They went back to whatever and my friend and I had a good laugh about it afterwards along with the less impressive parts of the film. You see that's what you do, you laugh about things and be loud AFTER the film not DURING it when people are trying to enjoy it!

I don't want to pay more money to see the end of that film... so I'm not going to.

This just in! One of the "posse" just tried to add me on Facebook. Dude, what? You had to go through the trouble of finding me online? Let. It. Go.

They're now talking on my friends wall laughing about me laughing about how I "ran away" and how funny it was when that guy tried to headbutt me... Oh so that's what that was. It didn't make contact. We laughed about it too, apparently all involved thought it was funny. My friend thought he was about to kiss me. I'm not going to continue that thought with jokes about him or his look or that would be mean and I don't want to be mean to these kids... they're just kids. I slapped one, I probably shouldn't have (there were others much more deserving of a slap, that and I now know that violence really isn't an effective communication tool... though they were quieter after I had hit them, it's probably because they were plotting against me instead of understanding that I wanted them - along with EVERYONE ELSE - to be quieter) and then I apologised multiple times. There doesn't need to be any more conflict and I certainly don't want to encourage that... especially not with troubled kids.

So I'm going to ignore them now and let them talk themselves up as so high and mighty amongst themselves, exaggerate the story perhaps a little about me "running in fear" (I actually left because my friend was so annoyed at everyone talking that she was too bored to watch the rest of the film so she decided to leave and I just followed...) and whatever. Eventually they'll move past it and hopefully I'll never run into them again...

Or... oh no! More words! More harsh crude words!

I don't care too much for the opinions of my peers let alone the scorn of children...

Goodnight and remember, please turn your phone off during the duration of the film and be silent out of courtesy for other patrons. Thank you.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Let me tell you a story of a thing called One Movement Music Festival. I got free tickets for 2 for both today (Saturday) and tomorrow (....Sunday...) because I go to Murdoch and they sponsor the event apparently. Basically, easiest thing I have ever won in my life! First musical festival I've ever been to, I've never really been to a "real" concert (Those Free Valentines Day ones for charity kinda don't count.... OK maybe they do... but I was so far away from the stage, and so not interested in ANY OF THE MUSIC) so this was an awesome day of firsts.

Well nearly a week ago on Sunday I actually woke up nearly deaf. Another thing, this was an 18+ event. I didn't have a proof of age card when I got the ticket. These two things would've REALLY sucked if they weren't both solved not long before. After three days of pain and near silence I went to the doctor and had my ears flushed out and suddenly I could hear! And now just hear like I could before, but hear better than I could in 2 years! Suddenly everything was incredibly LOUD (the sound of typing on the keyboard gave me a headache it was so loud. My clothes made noise as they moved and someone in the distant kept yelling for help because they were stuck down a well...) I also could hear tones so much better than before! Music before was great, I loved it, it really moved me. Now... now I can hear so much better! I can hear all the little bits I was missing and notes are sharper, somehow more interesting.

Life is good. My ID arrived JUST in time, the day before, and I could hear. OFF TO THE FESTIVAL!

Quick background information. It started at 1, got there not long afterwards, went in and found a person I knew (also from Murdoch, there were a bunch of Murdoch people walking around going 'hahaha I got in here for free!') and enjoyed some music by some bands I had never heard of, and probably no one else had either as they were on at the start of the afternoon when few people had arrived. The bands started off good, then kinda went downhill... then went back up and then the finale was epic. The Trews were interesting. I actually enjoyed their music enough to go buy their album from a tent and then have them sign it! The guitarist was hell into it, he was moving around, sweating, swinging the guitar a bit, even put it behind his head at one point for some of a solo. Truly energetic and showman like, unlike some of the other bands... or even the bassist. The dude didn't smile and only moved to go sing in a microphone that the guitarist was using as a backup singer then returned to near the drums. It was amusing :P Then there was a redhead who was so pretty, but that went nowhere so let's fast forward to the final acts.

I met someone. I decided, hey, I'll meet someone new... so I randomly started talking to someone and they laughed. Laughed in the good way, not in the "hahaha you're funny because you're weird" or "hahaha please don't kill me". That went well, then it was off to delve into the crowd! Find a person I knew and get ear damage together! I believe Children Collide was playing at that time. They rocked. I thoroughly enjoyed their performance and actually moved during it. Normally I'm very inanimate when music is playing. I don't dance. But yes, the singer from Children Collide looked (and at times even sounded slightly) like Kurt Cobain. That was awesome. He was even performing very energetic and erratic at times going crazy with his guitar. Yeah! Didn't even bother to make proper chords near the end, just hit the guitar, strummed it open and such. Or at least that was what it looked like. Basically just went crazy at it and it sounded awesome.

Then... then was Dead Letter Circus! YEAH! (Or was something between it and that? I don't think so... I don't know) By then my voice was starting to hurt from having to speak loudly all day. They performed brilliantly and then for the final song they got members of Karnivool to come on stage with them! YEAH! I yelled (in my broken, slowly turning Munchkin meets E.T. voice that emanated from my pained vocal chords) "This is the best day ever!" to my friend. Then it got better!

Grinspoon! The 2nd act I came to see. The singer actually does things instead of just sing. He makes odd gestures and such instead of just singing a song and leaving. If you ever start a band, go see other bands and you'll find the more popular ones do things while they perform instead of just standing there. Twas brilliant! Between Dead Letter Circus and Grinspoon I kept getting closer and closer to stage until the final act...

Karnivool. Almost at the very front, only one or two people in front of me at any point in time. Awesome. Karnivool at volumes so high you can't even hear yourself scream the lyrics with them is epic. The singer holds his hand up when sustaining notes and also kinda dances. It was so much fun watching them live. The music just is brilliant, and just weaves together in this awesome alternative rock/metal kind of way. When he's not singing, the vocalist does this dance sort of thing, where his arms sway with the music and everything is just in time. It's just an amazing experience to have this poetic lyrics and wonderful music put together so well and performed to entertain in every aspect. The movement, the melody, the lights, it all worked to reach a level of excitement. I enjoyed it so much :D Now I hurt. The only disappointment was that it didn't quite reach 10 as it said, and there was no encore! You're the final act! Come back on stage and wow us again! Our chants went unanswered...

Well, I'm going tomorrow :D Though unfortunately there won't be any Karnivool. Perhaps there'll be a band worth listening to there? Better bring money just in case... must collect autographed things :D

Also, by the end my voice was screwed up. I still don't think it's better yet. But near the end/as I was leaving random people would come up to me and go "I LOVE YOUR HAIR!" and "YOU HAVE SUCH AWESOME CURLS!" (One woman, who had a bit to drink, was all up in my face like an inch from me grabbing my hair just going "I am in LOVE... with your CURLS!!!") and I would reply with "Thank you! You're welcome!" Only it was high pitched, crackly and pained so was more like "THAnk YoU! YoU'Re welCome!" and they didn't know that I didn't actually sound like that in real life... oh well :P