Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear Video Ezy

Dear Video Ezy

Your store has reached a new found level of unfavourability as you have shown that you have many short comings in the world of business and entertainment. Your selection of DVD's doesn't seem to grow despite the ever increasing amount of movies released each year, suggesting that you throw away most of them, the less popular or obscure ones. Basically the ones I want to watch. Though I still manage to find things within the store, my family and I have never managed to actually get out a random selection of 6 DVD's without at least one or two of them being scratched and partially if not fully not working to which you simply clean the DVD's (then probably throw them out without replacing) which NEVER EVER WORKS. We having cleaning things at home, you are treating us as simpletons.

I am constantly finding things out of alphabetical order or in the wrong category and you keep shuffling what genres to put near the Adults only section. It should have stayed with Horror because little kids don't watch MA15+/R18 slasher gore films, but they do watch classic (well, I do), sci-fi, drama and action.

Your incompetence has forced us to stop a family tradition that has gone back as far as I can remember: to borrow films from you every holidays to enjoy. I hope you're happy that you have left my holidays bland, boring and more internet reliant than ever thanks to your young and seemingly antisocial staff.

Enclosed in this envelope you will find a resume and job application. I look forward to hearing from you, as I desperately need money.

Thank you :)

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