Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yay! Holidays! Freedom! No school! No getting up early in the morning! No fun AT ALL!!!!... Yes, I said that holidays are no fun and to be honest with you I think I am correct! (Well how can't I be? I'm bored because of holidays therefore holidays bore me therefore holidays are boring to me so you cannot argue because you're not me... you can agree though if you really want to feel included... when really you're not which is part of the problem) The problem with holidays is it's a time where you don't get to see your friends five times a week and everyone goes off and does things... Things that don't involve you... (awww... REJECTION! :P) Basically the thing about holidays if you can invite people over or go do stuff with them everynow and then all day because you're free to do that but most of the time it's just sitting at home not doing anything... I don't like not doing anything...

OK so besides the social isolation and sense of lonelieness (REJECTION! :P) that extended days away from school (precious media department... oh my secret lover how I love you and your cheap and barely working film equipment!) cause there's also the whole thing that these are the last holidays before exams. This means I have two weeks of basically doing nothing but work to prepare for these exams! I have to get all my assignments out of the way so basically it's four chapter exercises for chemistry and maths, english lit presentation (shakespeare), drama performance along with set designs for the play, eight things to do in physics plus and oral presentation on radioisotopes uses in biological investigations, have to edit who knows how many hours after hours of footage (TWICE) for media and there's some more but this blog is awfully boring enough as it is without me talking about school work.... in... detail that is... I already talk about schoolwork... but to who? Who actually... reads this blog!? Why don't I know!? Brooke, if you're reading this you better tell me (that way I actually get some sort of sign that you're still alive and therefore not dead... because dead is the opposite of alive :) and two plus two is four and in the movie The Titanic the boat sinks... obviousness! woot!) also, anyone else who reads this... also tell me? (So I can laugh at you behind your back :P) anyhoo, personal messages in a public forum are never too good of a thing... or is it? (I LIVE AT 52 CYCLOPS CRESENT PERTH WESTERN AUSTRALIA AND MY PIN NUMBER IS 5672! I ALSO LEAVE THE KEYS UNDER THE DOORMAT AND LEAVE MONEY LYING AROUND THE HOUSE!) Well saying things just to see what happens is always a good way to see who is dumb enough to believe them... (also saying that people are dumb for believing things is a good way to make them think that what you just said wasn't real when it actually was, thus saving your savings from being snatched up from their randomly placed positions around my house)

So yeah... someone out there enjoying their holidays? Well phooey to you! I dislike your enjoyance (word!?) of the world around you and the favour it has granted you! (I meant enjoyment... enjoyance? It's not a word... but it should be... I also dislike the backspace button. Quantity not quality here! Come on people! You don't think I blog for any other reason other than to have a blog that takes up a lot of space do you? DO YOU!?) Anyhoo, I'm going to go and continue writing my novel! hmph!

... oh yeah and I probably won't upload any youtube videos for a while... sorry guys kinda busy with homework. I might upload one during these holidays then another after them but until exams are over it's going to be quite inactive on youtube in regards to me... Although I will watch a few vids occasionally and tell people what I think (because SOME PEOPLE enjoy getting comments! Huh? Never thought the person might actually like that would you?)

have fun :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hello! (In-Jokes)

(Yes, hello, I know that I say hello in a certain tone that's always the same and if you didn't know that then you obviously don't talk to me face to face much) Well hello to those out there who actually know me! Yes, this blog post is all about people who know me and have been told/asked/threatened with their very lives to visit my blog (especially the latter... you have 4 seconds to get down on the floor Jerry Shaw... 3...2...1... EAGLE EYE IS AWESOME! just in case you didn't get the obvious reference) and I'm just saying thankyou! Thankyou for visiting this blog that without you, would not... have been read really... It would still exist (oh yes, don't think it wouldn't!) it's just without me asking people to read it this blog would never get any attention at all (And I'm pretty sure it still doesn't) so hello to all those out there I've asked to read this blog! I know all your secrets by the way... so lets just say a few in jokes shall we? Thus alienating whatever outside audience I might accidental recieve! OK? Yay! :P (Alienation is fuuuunnn) I'd just like to say...


Now, that person will probably laugh and the rest of you will think very innapropriate thoughts... and none of them are correct! :P (You have no idea... you really don't... because it's an in-joke!) OK? I always would like to say that the people who read this blog make me very happy! :P Eeeee! (eeee!), it is definitely not very poor quality and inferior... like something, let's say, that feels like STEEL WOOL! :O (oooh he went there!) But sometimes I just feel like no one (even the people I tell this about) reads this blog and it frustrates me... Bah! Jelly! But what am I doing? (what are you doing!?) well it's simple! I'm confusing the hell out of everyone who reads this blog because no single person will pick up or even understand the random references in this post (not even the high priestess of wikipedia! Although she'll understand most of them) so hmm... let's see if I can sneak any more in here... aha!

YOU SIR! (sucker!) OK now that everytime you visit this blog you know that you lose! Mwahahaha! :P OK now that I've included about 6 in jokes and references to my life that no one will understand except the people they revolve around I'd just like to say goodbye...

... my planet needs me :P (Obligatory simpsons reference just so the high priestess of wikipedia doesn't ban me indefinitely for vandalism of the internets)

Oh yeah! By the way, california's tourism is at an all time low! :P (you know what I'm talking about!) They need a mountaineer! :D (I'm so going to get yelled at for that)

...Oh yeah and to anyone who is reading this without knowing who I am or being asked to come here SCREW YO- no... no that's mean I'm sorry... I love you please forgive me random stranger? Even though you might be a pedophile (not that... I'm a kid or anything... *whistles*) but if you are a pedophile then SCREW YOU! (not literally)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Smile when I...

... fudge... forgot... I had something! Something in my MIND! Smile when I giggle and show me you care when I fall down... no that's not it at all! (Yeah like I'd be thinking that....) Anyhoo, yes this is now a MINI-BLOG! But might get larger. Or not? I don't know... probably I like talking about nothing :)

... but I DO know that I HAVE THE BLUE MARKER PEN! XD HAHAHAHA! Yes, to anyone currently reading this and knows what I am talking about.... mwahahaha oh yeah, permission (in fact I order you too) to mock the previous owner of said blue marker pen and tell them that this is what they get for drawing on my face in permanent maker! (I currently have blue marks on me that haven't washed off since Monday and now I have new ones! Grr... I'll be blue all weekend!) mwahaha! My skills as a pickpocketer has saved me from a week of nonstop random marks that appear on my face in the split second it takes to wave a pen across my face without me ducking far away to avoid it. I now seem to have developed a jittery deranged sounding laugh because of this pen... it makes me crazy but I like it. Ehehehe! Now I shall draw on his face with his pen and there will be nothing he can do about it! :P

Oh yes... ehehehehe

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Magpies... No not some weird type of pie that involves whatever the hell a "mag" is... and no that's not a reference to a gun mag so no... no the pie is not going to shoot you... it's not even a pie as I said it's a bird... Yes, we in Australia have weird names for our indiginous flora and fauna (Because of the Aborigines... or is that spelt Aborigenes?... No probably the first... anyhoo yeah they named the things first so we have to call them what they called them... well at least one tribe there's over 300 different Aboriginal languages but most of which are no longer used or known) so we have things called Kangaroos, Koalas, Wombats, Bilbys (woo!) and Numbats ect and all of them are wonderful animals...

... except magpies... Yeah you know while walking along to the busstop in the morning (as I usually do on a schoolday) and I see these Magpies nearby and they just looked fat... yeah it's spring now and they're fat... I don't know how birds can actually get fat (what are they doing? Eating Mcdonalds?) because they need an awful lot of energy to fly around due to the fact that they're making forces that need to counteract gravity (Physics is fun... now to find out how much birds weigh to calculate how much work they do and how much force is needed to get off the ground! Because... I'm nerdy... but hate maths) Yeah seriously though the world is warming up, food prices are going up, people can barely afford homes or petrol for their cars... plus there's an obesity epedemic amongst children... and NOW BIRDS! Now birds are obese... Yeah birds are obese now I don't know how but they are and it's just... well it's just... nothing really... I just thought I'd mention that I saw some fat birds near traffic lights... they didn't even fly away from me or try to hop away like birds normally do when you walk by them. Maybe they're so fat they're apathetic towards exercise? Oh no! Fat children's behaviour is rubbing off onto our native animals! Next we'll be seeing fat kangaroos or fat kookaburras... that is if you ever get to see one... Seriously I recently heard a kookaburra laugh and I recorded it on camera because it's just so rare to hear one of those birds and I have no seen one since my trip to Margaret river and went for a car ride through the bush/hills and before margaret river I hadn't seen one in years. So yeah, Kookaburras are rare and just coming to Australia does not mean you'll see one... or even any native Australian animal besides good old Magpies (probably because those are the only ones that aren't on the endangered species list...) and if you try to go near Magpies they just might swoop you. Yeah Magpies are very vicious animals at times and will swoop down at you and attack you with their talons and beaks and AK-47's ect... They don't like people sometimes and I thankfully only been swooped at once in my life... But the swooping for people might decrease because like I said: The birds are FAT! and subsequently too lazy to attack innocent people.

Another thing I'd like to say about Magpies... They're very confused birds. OK, the Bilby as we all know (*cough*) is nocturnal. Now there are a few other native Australian animals that only come out at night but Magpies are not one of those. But pretty much everytime I'm awake at midnight I can hear them outside my window! Why are they up late at night!? Magpies aren't nocturnal! I've never heard them up at night before but recently they've decided that they're make a bit of noise for me before I go to bed... So you know we've got Fat insomniac birds in Australia... who are also gender confused... not for any particular reason other than I said they were! I want to make them look as bad as I can in my smear campaign against Magpies! :P Nah I have nothing against them... animals don't have gender issues... But yeah... Obese insomniac indigenous flora... Only in Australia huh? :P

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The French Government Does my Laundry

Yeah OK if you don't get that then you need to see the movie "Sicko" by Michael Moore (It is awesome) and pretty much all I have learnt from it is that being American kills you from the inside. Yes, that's right, you die from just being an American! :P OK the French drink at young ages, smoke, eat fatty food (and according to a friend of mine who went to France for a month some of them also do drugs...) and yet they still live longer than Americans on average and we all know that smoking will kill you slowly and painfully. What I found really amusing about the movie is how it portrays the health system of other countries as purely wonderful compared to America especially France and Britain. OK if you haven't seen it he basically goes into a British hospital and asks people about their bills and how much they spent on their ailments and they just look at him and laugh! Yes, they laugh at you for asking them about spending money in a hospital. He goes around trying to find a medical bill and people just laugh and then he finds a cashiers office and he's like "aha! people do pay money!" well that's all nice and WRONG! WRONG Michael Moore! Because the man behind the counter then explained that he gave people money! Yes that's right... British hospitals give out money to people for their travel expenses... Pretty neat huh? Yeah British totally is awesome! Rock on Britain!

France is better though (cue hatemail from the dirty English pig-dog scum :P nah I love England but when I explain what happens next in the movie you'll agree with me that France is also awesome) because Michael sat down with a bunch of Americans living in France and asked them about sick leave holidays and they get 5 weeks minimum in France. Imagine that... your boss simply doesn't let you work for 5 weeks and pays you anyway! Lol you show your face in your work building and they will beat you up... then pay for your medical bills :P (nah they won't beat you up but it'd be nice to think that your boss cares enough to do that to you if you try to shorten your holiday) Then he went to some family to see how the taxes involved in making the free health care work were effecting them and they had someone employed by the government folding their laundry and cooking them meals and helping with the baby! That's right... the French government will do your laundry! (Under certain circumstances that is... I forgot why I think something to do with maternity leave... yeah that's probably it... People don't just do your work for you people so don't just go to France and expect them to do everything for you that's just stupid. Plus you Americans abolished slavery remember? Guess who's regretting it now? :P) Oh what else did the french do... oh yeah! Some doctor lived in a 1 million dollar three story house (kinda like me!... only his looked better :( and had fish...) and their list of expenses went Mortgage, holidays, food, fish... yeah when asked about what else they needed to pay for they go "um... fish?" and so then I just made jokes about how they were very unhappy because they were all a bunch of French extensionalists and life was pointless and meaningless to them... and the man attempted suicide yesterday because the fish cost too much (he decided this because the way the smoke from his fancy cigarette billowed over his expensive wine and distorted the image of the 2 by 2 metre exotic fish tank made the fish resemble a symbol for the fleeting hedonism and emptyness of his existence..... as fish normally do....)

The moral of the story is don't buy fish if you're French...

But yeah strange jokes aside, (Wine matures with age, maybe one day you will too? :P *hits drums* "Hey! Get away from my drums!" "Crud! Run!") the French and British health system is incredibly good compared to the American (as shown by this completely unbiased documentary... yes I do realise how the media manipulates things ect and was watching it with that in mind but it just looks good... and I was trying to look at ways you can manipulate things and some bits looked slightly over dramatised but it looks all right really I am becoming a fan of Michael Moore he really does seem to have an idea of what he's doing) and speaking of the American health system: it doesn't like poor people. But how does it like heroes? Good old Mike (His full name was getting tedious to write out... seriously though if you were famous and everyone you met called you by your full name you'd get annoyed right? So Michael Moore is now Mike and George Bush is now GDawg) he went and found out this. He got these people who helped out during 9/11 (I feel sad now mentioning this but don't worry things will get better. Beat those terrorists!) and didn't get anything for it and have massive health problems because of it (helping dismembered/dead people out of a collapsed burning building may cause post traumatic stress disorder... or problems with your lungs) and they can't get compensation for being at ground zero...

.. terrorists on the other hand get the best care they possibly can at Guantanamo Bay! :D (That is when they're not being brutally tortured? Yeah let's not discuss that... because quite frankly I have no idea what they do there... and I is scared of the governments... nah jj :P) Yes they have a doctor to prisoner ratio of 1:4 and so you know the guys who saved people from probably the most horrific terrorist attack on American soil get nothing and if Osama Bin Laden has a tooth ache he gets the best treatment he can. Well Michael Moore and I apparently have similar minds because he did something pretty darn funny which I would've loved to do! He gathers up these people in need of medical attention and literally takes them to Guantanamo Bay! :D He's in his little boat (has 3 of them because there's so many people) and picks up a megaphone and says to the guard tower "These are the heroes of 9/11 and we just want some medical attention... we just want the same treatment as the evil doers!" which was absolutely hilarious to me really he's just gone down to Cuba to ask a fellow American to let someone have a dentist look at their teeth...

... and a siren goes off :P

LOL! XD American doesn't like Americans but they like Asubaradabadman Afusu Guhaba666man (the most vile and hated Terrorist of all time! Look his name up on wikipedia... that name again is Asubradmandoufgfghrh24 Afulol69

So failing having Americans give Americans proper medical treatment that was affordable they went EVIL COMMUNIST CUBA! (Because Mike is PURE EVIL! He worships Fidel Castro... or should I say... INfidel Castro?... no... no I shouldn't... I don't actually dislike the guy in anyway... mainly because I don't know why I should I've never really researched to find out if he is actually a bad guy so if I ever met him I'd kindly shake his hand... unless it started glowing... WITH EVIL!) And in EVIL COMMUNIST CUBA they went to an EVIL COMMUNIST HOSPITAL and saw some EVIL COMMUNIST DOCTORS and got EVIL AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE! (They found the medication someone needed that would've cost them $200 in the states for 5 cents an inhaler... an EVIL COMMUNIST INHALER!) So yeah, walk into an EVIL COMMUNIST hospital in Cuba and they'll ask you your name and age then treat you...

... but they're still evil... oh yes definitely... *cough* I mean... why would the American government have lied to you abut how PURELY EVIL Cuba is?... and then take part of it BE American soil? Cuba is PURE EVIL!... Let's make it part of us! (Us being you not me I'm not American... nor do I want to be because as I discovered earlier than being American kills you! You just generally suck when it comes to health care... or living...) so yeah I've learn from this documentary the PURE EVIL of the EVIL COMMUNIST hospitality and kindness! (Curse you kindness! Don't make me blow the hell out of your country!) and that America just sucks...

No offence... but you do... Oh yeah plus there was something in there about Canada (Woo! Canada!) but I can't be bothered talking about it... Go watch the movie! Canada rules!


Friday, September 5, 2008

You are wasting your life

I recently got an offensive comment on one of my blogs (FINALLY! Come on people you too lazy to comment?) which I then deleted because quite simply his opinion was WRONG! And also involved disgusting images of old men which still haunt me now... I'm very distressed at that... someone lobotomise me I haven't felt this peturbed since 2girls1cup. (sick... sick... video...) This has inspired me to write this little blog (not a MINI-BLOG because it will probably grow quite large in comparison to MINI-BLOGS or even the brain of some people) about how quite simply... you are wasting your life! I don't think you quite get this... you ARE wasting it and you are wasting it without caring. OK quite simply someone told me I didn't understand irony... which was ironic because they didn't understand what I said that was ironic thus they thought they were superior when really they were moronic (YES THIS IS IRONIC! I checked the dictionary...) and the stupidest thing was he then told me that my blog was boring...

... wait... you're calling me an idiot who is boring and has no life... yet YOU read a FOUR PAGE blog about NOTHING all the way to the end before you commented on the end and said something that wasn't even correct?...

... I see...

... YOU ARE WASTING YOUR LIFE! Who reads 4 pages of something they don't like!? STOP READING MY BLOG! I said multiple times within the blog that the blog itself was pointless and that they shouldn't be reading it and no one would care ect and yet they complained! Complained in an inefficient and non-factually sound manner! (grr rarg me turn into Hulk over internet people's stupidity!) I'd just like everyone to know that they are wasting their lives here... I'm sorry, but, you know... you are. OK not only are you wasting your life reading this blog (which has solely become about previous blog entries? Ye gad!) but just stop and think about your personal lives for a moment and think to yourself what are you actually doing with them? What do you do? Do you actually do something other than the same boring job everyday? Is your job really helping lots of people in different and unique ways? (If so then good on you! If not then do something besides your job!) Seriously when was the last time you just went out and had fun? If you're at school do you actually do work? Do you actually go out and live life to the fullest and always either do something productive or fun? DO YOU!? I don't know but I'd like to find out... apparently... just... go outside or something... you're all so boring and no one has given me a comment that wasn't pointless so yeah... I'm wasting my life too so what? Stop pointing your finger at me and go do something yourself! Maybe I'll follow your example? (The example I told you to set for me?)

Goodbye sir... or madam... although I refuse to say goodbye to you if you are neither just man or woman because I've never met a hermaphrodite before... please don't leave I want to talk to you...

This btw is the gargantuan (is that even a real word? Ginormous isn't....) blog so go read it if you feel like wasting your life for another half an hour http://thewindowofbilby.blogspot.com/2008/07/nostalgia.html

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'd just like to draw ATTENTION to a previous post (which I could've altered without a fuss but NO! NO! I do NOT do that! I want ATTENTION! And last month I only blogged ONCE so this month will be full of even MORE blogs!)


Now everyone reading that like they should? Yes it says in one bit about my deliberately stupid answers the following:

"When asked about a balloon that rises at an decreasing rate and when does it stop? Well of course it continues going up for ever until its had infinite time to go up and infininth of any measurement... but this isn't actually physically possible (it IS the answer though) so I decided to say that... "given infinite time it will go on into infinity but that isn't actually physically possible but seeing how this is maths and isn't physics/reality then it doesn't matter""

Well you see I KNOW that this is the case because in a previous question I have recieved by the teacher which pretty much was the same as this the answer was the same as I gave (minus the bit about reality) and so I'd just like everyone to know that I got it all wrong! :O Because you see apparently it is possible to CALCULATE THE SUM TO INFINITY! And as you can tell this is very dramatic (even more dramatic than a MINI-BLOG!) and well apparently the teacher told me a lie! Yes... she wasn't teaching me for real when she went on about asymptopes and going on to infinity! She was just lying to me for fun you see... because she likes teaching me wrong (I often fail tests just in spite of her now... yeah that's right don't teach me right and I deliberately do things wrong! Just like you...)

OK just for all you nerdy maths people out there I'd just like to say how much I hate you and your SUM TO INFINITY! Because you see I don't care if you can calculate the sum to infinity you're wrong... and you just prove my point that maths isnt reality because you see if it keeps going on and on for all infinity it will eventually move past any given point and therefore the answer is NOT 500 metres! Yes I think the question was something to do with it starting off flying 100 metres into the air then increasing by 80 then 64 and so on... (0.8 times the previous increment) and yeah... I'm just annoyed at the fact that I didn't get any marks for my answer...

... or my drawing :( oh well...

But yeah I'm right and reality sides with me! Maths is wrong and is evil and even satanic! Just like the pokemon trading card game! (no really go on wikipedia and find this out) so I'm going to sleep now... so tired... (blogging takes it out of me... just not as young as I used to be)


HI PEOPLE! I have been blogging less and less (and in turn my sleep patterns have gone all out of whack and I now think I am a duck... a magical duck that blogs) and in turn I have... nothing in my blog? Oh well I'M SO BORED! Although the librarians story about his racist foreign drunk for a neighbour is quite amusing :P Anyhoo, I am quite bored and so I decided to blog... I had something to blog about before but I don't remember it anymore and chances are I won't remember it because I just go on my own threads here (as do so many people I know) and The Used are an interesting band don't you think? Definitely think their second album is better than their first... or the other way round. Whichever one has "The Bird and The Worm" was better...

anyhoo... UGH! I really don't know what to say but I decided to talk anyway (which is... the normal actually if you know me :P) and I actually had an idea to blog about nothing (as I normally do. You idiots out there reading this are pretty annoyed at me now huh? :P unless I know you then you're not an idiot because you're probably reading this because I told you to...) but I don't like that idea and I think I had another... one day I'll blog about drugs but today isn't it... THE TISSUES HAVE RUN OUT! (You're enjoying this "talk about nothing" blog aren't you? ooohhh yeeahhh) That's RIGHT! Those darn tissues have lasted over a week of me having the flu and have finally run out even though they magically wouldn't all of last week for some reason that escapes me. But they have run out now! Yes... Yes they have... It's truly amazing (and... just as boring as my life) and their magic is no match for reality! I unfortunately now have no tissues and I still feel sick although I've been forced to go to school for the past few days... ugh...

You suck... yes... yes you do... yes and we all know I'm talking about the flu germs that plague me with every craggling cough! Ugh I'm actually feeling a lot better than I did last week (Thanks for asking! I know you didn't but I is internet people now and HAVE TO TELL YOU EVERYTHING!!) so I might actually get back to my youtube channel sometime... very sorry for neglecting it I've just been boring as anything and can't be bothered actually finishing anything (and in fact, I have no idea how many unfinished projects I have in the works) so maybe one day I shall... I'll try not to let anyone wait more than 2 whole months without any vids from me dont worry...

I'll be back..

Blogs on bloggers

I have recently discovered that the school librarian has a blog... I also recently found out his name is Rod which for some reason is really weird to me... seriously though being young (although technically 709) you refer to all your teachers as "Mr such and such" unless they're girls (because calling women men will generally lead to you getting in trouble) and so it's all very odd because we all go round thinking of people as certain names and nothing else and we never stop to think that there is more to their names or what we call them. Seriously you never stop and look at a teacher and think "Who is this person? I don't even know their first names!" (although sometimes I actually know my teachers first names. Hello Jacqueline! :P Yes btw anyone who knows who that is, please tell me at school that you noticed that... SOMEONE TELL ME THIS BLOG GETS ME ATTENTION!) so really next time you go out to somewhere you always go just stop and think when you greet someone with "Mr" or "Mrs" and go "hey what is this person's name?" and you know you might find something out very odd and bizarrely shocking like their name is Rod! :O

here is afforementioned blog: http://rodnews.spaces.live.com/

Btw anyone wondering who I am and think that maybe this person will help you discover my identity then... you're weird... just... get a life... :S