Friday, June 6, 2008


YES THEY ARE! That's right! :P Yes thank goodness the hell is over... the hell of having to only go to school 3 hours a day for five out of ten school days and only ever getting up at times past 10 and only carrying around a few pens and sometimes a calculator that is... yes what's really going to be hell for me is having to get up at 7:20 in the morning (sunlight? sunlight!? You expect me to get up the same time the sun does!?) and carrying around a bag that weighs more than a small child filled with more books than can phsyically fit in it. Oh yes back to the land and fiery punishment of period after period of homework, assignments and having to look at my timetable (which I can never remember) every hour just to know where to go...

So basically I enjoyed exams a lot more than normal school! haha! Yes although Drama exams where a bit... ugh... no-hopery (who says that...? besides a character in the play I was analysing) but other than that it was a fun filled exercise in patience, ability to be silent, and a test to see just how many obviously stupid answers I could write in the two and a half hours given...

... yes... that's right....

.... stupid answers... :D

OK! Now maybe you think "these are your exams! Why are you deliberately saying stupid things in them if you are so supposedly brilliant and smart and wonderful and intelligent and knowledgable and totally awesome?" OK maybe... not so many adjectives or even... as positive sounding as that but yes I made some pretty deliberate stupid answers.. deliberately! :P Yes most of them were during my Maths exam mainly because I really don't pay much attention to maths so I was pretty bored after an hour once I had run out of things I knew how to do with another hour to go on the clock. Determined not to leave (The bus wouldn't come for a long time so sitting here in case I realised how to do calculus seemed a lot better than an empty busstop... with no pens and papers...) so I wrote a haiku! Oh yes... when asked to find the gradient of a tangent on a curve at a certain point I decided to write a poem.

Tanget on the curve
Is annoying me a lot
It can burn in hell

yay! 40% here I come! woooo! But that's not all! Yes don't worry I didn't skimp on the stupid answers. When asked about a balloon that rises at an decreasing rate and when does it stop? Well of course it continues going up for ever until its had infinite time to go up and infininth of any measurement... but this isn't actually physically possible (it IS the answer though) so I decided to say that... "given infinite time it will go on into infinity but that isn't actually physically possible but seeing how this is maths and isn't physics/reality then it doesn't matter" Of course to back up my prediction it'll go on into infinity I drew a pretty picture of a balloon leaving earth and going into space! also quoted buzz lightyear "to infinity and beyond!" but maybe the markers might take that far too literal... hopefully not I don't want the comment to say "you can't go to infinity then beyond... now that's just stupid! And physically impossible" I want it to say "we're mathematicians! We don't know what reality IS! Seriously... what's the mathematical formula for reality? There is none therefore reality does not exist! I can prove this mathematically..."
Also describing the curve on a graph... OK I KNOW it means is it a minimum or a maximum but who can resist the temptation to write "Curved, pretty eliptical. Like a very long half of an egg"? I sure can't...
And of course every single question I didn't understand AT ALL let alone the words in the question I answered as "42" because it's maths! and 42 is a legitimate answer for any question as fans of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy know... so I think I derserve marks for that.
Also on the back I noticed it said "The End" at the bottom in small letters but you know... it's never the end... maths never dies maths never sleep you can never... ever... escape maths... (It wants to marry you) so I wrote a little self-parodying advertisement! "The End!!... or is it??? tune in next week for more EXCITING MATHS ERRORS! Only on Fox!" and so hopefully I'll get those lovely red circles and question marks the teachers are fond of giving out :P Nah they're pretty stingy when it comes to red circles and question marks... Did however get a smily face on my maths test on Logarithms when I drew a (well done) log with an axe above it. Then a logarithm made of pronumerals: Log aX=E... oh yes... I am very nerdy my friend and I make up random maths jokes in class (It's better than actually doing maths!) and hopefully one day I'll be able to get a shirt that says "m(Ur mum) > infinity" which... doesn't make sense unless you realise that "m" stands for "mass" so basically I'm just saying ur momma so fat she has more than infinite mass! oooooh buurn... yes the nerd so burnt you... do you need some dry ice? :P

Which brings mean to chemistry answers. OK name two uses for oxygen "keeping everything on the planet alive" was one of them. I didn't do so many stupid answers as I did random drawings afterwards. Yes... meet the creator of Pac-Cube! All the round goodness of Pac-Man... in a square! :P And also meet Squarie... the song of Pinkie the ghost. Also, pac-cube narrowly escaped destruction from an atom bomb made from... (dun dun dun) carbon 14! oh noooeesss! carbon 14 is radioactive!? who would've thunk it?

English Lit... OK anyone who knows the story of Oedipus the King knows that it's full of Irony and lots of people tried to stopped Oedipus's fate (including trying to kill him) so I was talking about this in an essay and said all thier efforts could not stop his fate. Epic Fail. Yes... I wrote "Epic Fail" as a whole sentence in my english lit exam...

Yes well that was my silly answers to stupid questions... or... just me getting an "Epic Fail" on my feedback for semester one exams! yay! It's finally all over so I can get back to making videos for my youtube channel! yes... "Pwnage By grandma" is coming your way sometime soon! Yeah you better believe my grandmother has recon armor :P

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