Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm on the train right...

So there I was, on the train, wearing 3-quarter camouflage pants, converse shoe look a likes and my collarless shirt with superman on it with no jacket because it was hot. I was playing my Pokemon Yellow (original copy from the 90's) on my old Gameboy Advance (not the SP), my long untamed, unbrushed and curly hair on my shoulders complimenting my untended to hobo beard... just listening to some alternative/experimental rock band from Canada on my non-iPod mp3 player and taking up space on the train because I'm slightly overweight.

A very hot girl sits down next to me.

Oddly enough, the idea that perhaps striking a conversation with her did not occur to me to be a likely thing to occur in the near future.

"So heard about the upcoming Green Lantern movie? Dude is weak to like... yellow..."

Which is even worse than Hancock's weakness... which is true love. Awww... (which is quite the weakness, and we should learn to overcome that and be strong even when a girl is nearby...) Sorry I meant SPOILERS!!! There, now you can read the sentence that I just wrote. Happy? Good. Let's move on.

Though there did turn out to be a nerd girl on the train! I saw her at the Esplanade waiting for the next train, as we had both been forced off the one we were on already because it was terminating (WHY!? WHY NOT JUST KEEP GOING LIKE YOU NORMALLY DO!?) and she was playing Pokemon on her Gameboy Advance SP (DAMN HER! She's semi-old school but still more advanced/richer than I?) Then on the way home she was on the train once again. Ah, a nerd girl on the train! If only I talked to her... if only she was more attractive... Not that she was unattractive, but she looked misleadingly fit for a girl playing Pokemon. Admit it, you go for runs don't you? DON'T YOU!? You're an athlete luring me in with your Pokemons...


Trains. They're on strike again. Why? Why indeed? I suppose we'll be getting news reports on it. Perhaps even I'll write one! I am a journalist.... student after all! Although it is a bit ambitious for me seeing as I've never actually interviewed anyone , this is actually only my second assignment and I doubt the government department of transportation returns 1st year Journalism students' phone calls. I will most likely end up thinking of a more realistic idea for my assignment... but oh well. Next time there's a strike and I've actually become a confident/competent journalist I will be there! I will not be turned away! I will watch my step and mind the gap as I enter the door, but that door will be your office door mr... whoever! (Or ms or mrs) Or... I will phone you! But either way, I shall get my interview.

Thankfully every time there's a strike I somehow manage to coincidentally leave home hours early. Which is good for me, but it can't possibly keep going forever... soon, I shall be stuck at a train station missing something important all because of YOU! YOU TRANSPERTH!

Turns out this sort of thing is not local (DUH) and can be found everywhere... even London! :O

Click on this link for a funny flash animation song!

Enjoy that song? Yeah I found it amusing too... oh wait sorry I mean: Warning! Contains harsh language and should not be listened to by small children... with parents nearby. Oh I'm bad at the reasonable forewarning aren't I?

Well goodnight stalkers :) Enjoy my life.


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Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

You are my only audience my stalker,
The bush replaced with the blog,
I care not what you do,
Only that someone watches me when I sleep.
It's comforting :)