Saturday, November 29, 2008


Pokemon... mmhmm...


Yes! OK, faithful people of the assorted ethnic groups of the internet (i.e. people who like blogging, forums, porn, youtubers and all those weird people who use the internet for... for... useful stuff!? :S what? the internet is merely for entertainment of the Y generation! Get lost online real estate agents!) this blog is to prove that I have not abandoned my window... my precious window for all of you to look within and be confronted by the weirdness you find therein. Therein you find gold too... but not today. Maybe tomorrow? Keep visiting you'll get that gold eventually. Yes, I have been occasionally co-authoring ramblingsofcornflakes and have recently done a semi-epic blog that's 7 pages long ( when I could've been here blogging instead but oh well... I haven't completely abadoned this blog and I still use it and I will just figure out a way to keep both of these blogs active. Neither will be too personal but oh well... I think anything on Ramblings will be more relevant to the fellow co-authors (Brooklyn, cornflake, the thing that should not be) and anything here will be more relevant to Rayne, Becca L. Blogmore and Brooke... because no one else in the world reads this? Who is Bella? :S

Speaking of epics... Baz (ha! Baz) Lurhman's EPIC film Australia is out! It is! It's true! Yes! It got 2 stars as a rating!

... what?

HAHAHAHAHA! Ooooohhh burn! I was wondering if that was going to happen! This movie has some serious hype, it's got some serious attention and it's going to be to Australia as what Lord of the Rings was to New Zealand... and I thought to myself "imagine if there was just so much hype around this... and someone gave it a bad review" and guess what? Well you don't need to guess I've already told you! Someone... gave it only TWO STARS! That's... terrible. That's abismal! If I ever got anyone giving any film I made when I was older only two stars I'd be depressed. I'd be seriously hurt and have my confidence shooken like a ball in a blender on liquify that's attached to a paint shaker thingy... the thing that makes it all even or something. You know? The thing you don't touch in stores (LIKE Bunnings! Lowest prices are just the beginning!) but you think "oooh that'd be so cool what I could do with that..." but in reality... there is nothing to do with an object that moves a pain can up and down really quickly.... what does that do!? It has one purpose alone... and that's boring. It doesn't do what it does in the simpsons (APRIL FOO- BOOM! *mushroom cloud of beer* Yes, I know someone out there will get that)

But yeah. Ouch man ouch... this review was harsh, said that there was barely any scenery, it was unartistic, failed to match up to similar movies (never seen a film compared to so many titles of films I've never heard of...) and the only person in it that did any decent acting was the little aboriginal girl who played the mixed-blood orphan (Those guys seem to be natural born actors. The Rabbit Proof Fence! Wow those poor girls... you really cared for them and they were wonderful) and Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman "struggle to establish characters we believe in or care about." - Mark Naglazas The West Australian. Ouch... I like those actors. Ouch. So yeah... long awaited Australian Epic got a bad review... ha! I laughed at that and chances are... I'm still going to see it. Because one) Nothing else is out and I am a big fan of the Australian film industry seeing how I want to be in it sometime I have to support it two) Certain people out there will get annoyed if I don't go see it with them... yes, you know who you are and you're adorable! We're not going to see Quarantine no matter how good reviews it gets... ESPECIALLY if it gets good reviews... and three) Just turn the page and you get a half a page ad for Australia with all the OTHER movie reviewers reviews all over it.

"AUSTRALIA IS SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT, ENTHRALLING Entertainment on a Grand Scale, as Spectacular an Achievement as Anything Seen in the Movies This Year." -

Finally a type of hole I can enjoy... oh that sounds... so wrong.... in a reversely perversely way... (I rhyme! reversely perversely! :P ehehehe but no seriously I don't have a gender...)

"A Sun-Burnt Spectacle" - Daily Telegraph

Why are you saying great things about a movie... by comparing it to sun-burn?

"Luhrmann's Epic Triumph" - Sunday Telegraph

"We Knew Australia Would be Bib but Baz Luhrmann's Movie is Huge!" - New York observer

And there's a few more but you get the idea... Mark Nagalazas is the only one here who doesn't like this movie. Just like I'm the only one who liked Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Hahaha! Speaking of great epic movies that really suck...

2001: A Space Odyssey! Hahaha yeah hurry up and yell at me and call me ignorant and say that I hate Stanley Kubrick which is a lie... I love him. I wish he was still alive.... 79 year old men.... yeah! NO! NO! OK, sorry for... melting your mind. Trust me, one day I shall reveal to you all why 2001 is the worst movie good ol' Stanley ever made.... but not right now. (Clockwork Orange is AWESOME! Brilliant! Truly Brilliant! I'm doing the hand signals again...)

OK! This post was ACTUALLY going to be about POKEMON! (Hey little kid you like a jump rope, what do you think candy is made out of? pokemon! POKEMON!? hahaha no, actually candy is more like kodak film... free cookie points to those who get that reference!) so let it be about pokemon now!

OK, for all those out there who remember growing up as little kids and seeing Pikachu make team rocket blast off again and again everytime it would use thundershock on thier meowth hot air balloon (which... magically ALWAYS comes back?) will also remember that.... the pokemon TV series is... boring and childish really. That, and Ash NEVER GROWS UP! He's technicall 22 now... or even older I think. Why is he still wandering around and why was it legal for him to wander around anyway? And does he actually keep his mothers constant nagging advice to keep clean underwear? Who knows... who cares?

This blog is not about the TV series either (which I have found a way to download around 400 episodes of... Anime's never die... only the animators who draw them!? I wish Death Note had tons of episodes. It's 37 seem puny compared to other shows, even Full Metal Alchemist's 52 and Movie. But I guess the pure awesomeness and INGENIOUSLY constructed and perfectly written story of Death Note doesn't allow for it to be drawn out longer and longer without it dying down in pure awesomeness) This is actually about the games. The games...

... are made of awesome...

(So is my grandma's recon armour!)

My Mewtwo brings all the trainers to the yard and theyre like "damn right ur pokemons better than ours!" I could train u, but id have to charge:P

Quite simply, Pokemon games are addictive and if I haven't mentioned this before it's because I was too busy playing the games to blog. They are incredibly addictive and I love playing them! I am currently playing Ruby, I have caught Groudon with a Great Ball (Because it's GREAT!) and I have just defeated the final gym leader and I'm just training my pokemon to the point where the Elite Four will be nothing but any other old series of super hard trainers... nothing shall stand in the way of my all powerful team of Breloom (nicknamed "mgicshroom") my Swampert (nicknamed "Muddles") and... whatever.... the other ones...

AND MY MEW! (mewwwwby!) HELL YEAH I HAVE A MEW! It is awesome and it megapunches anything in it's way to death! Yes, I don't care about you, I have a MEW! Basically these games (which I have on an emulator on my computer) take up my spare moments that I get away from reading books on Psychology and New Moon (Slow... book... slow...) and now I have become a zombie at the computer screen wanting to versus more trainers! The games have a simple design with a few visual puzzles thrown in when you're nagivating things and plenty of trainers to challenge your strategy and strength and so it becomes one very addictive game that will never get old.... and the built in gameshark and codes I got from the internet that allow me to have mew from the very start of the game (as soon as I have pokeballs I can catch Mew... well... it's really hard because he's still a legendary so I need to beat him up and throw balls at his head for a while before he stays down...) I don't know why I just felt like mentioning that I still love the pokemon games. I know people out there agree with me: TV series for kids, Games are for life.

This really is the closest I get to being a gamer... I don't even play my playstation anymore... even though I have decided sometime during the holidays I will most definitely get round to melding my body to the couch and picking up that good old friend I call the controller and showing Sephiroth and Riku who the REAL keyblade master is! BAM! I've beaten Sephiroth with the kingdom key there is no better than I! Well... maybe there are people out there who actually play that game nonstop... (bonus cookie points for those who know which game I'm talking about! Hint: Not Final Fantasy IV... which I really would like to play though)

There is something about the ability to go whereever you want, capture and control beings of untold power which magical attacks that will shock, burn, freeze or poison your enemies and leave them unconscious after one hit from your fists that really appeals to me...

Mew! Mew is awesome! Cute, cuddly, mess with it and you're screwed!


Brooke said...

Haha I used to love Pokemon. I was one of those kids that collected the cards. I swear I had about 400. It was actually insane.
Guess what? I play Final Fantasy (:
On DS (: Frick yes :p
Okay. Im just going to take a guess at the game.. Im most likely wrong but oh well..
Is it... oh fuck. whats it called.. AH! god damn it i cant remember.. Wait one sec.. *leaves room to look through games in other room*
Kingdom Hearts! Is that what it is? If its not then I've just made a fool out of myself (:
Nice entry. I missed them

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

No one better copy Brooke's answer! :P