Friday, October 10, 2008

Terrorists are Holding me Captive (And want me to blog about it)

Attention readers! (All... two of them...) I am being forced against my will to blog to you this evening (or morning depending on timezone.... all... two of them...) because if I don't I will make small girls cry! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, beheading and physical torture is no longer the aim of such terrorist cells as Al-quaida, Babbar Khalsa, The world tamil movement and Woolworths (I have just recently discovered that Canada has terrorist organisations! Huh!? But... it's Canada... do they... throw maple syrup at people in rebellion of free health care?) but they now employ the use of small children to basically sit at their computers yelling and crying at me to basically BLOG! and BLOG FASTER!

... I fear this is the end people... The world has come to such an utter mess that it is forcing it's fine citizens (well... just me really... no one else cares...) to BLOG! BLOG LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS! (Until we die! Oh no! Death by blogging accident!? I thought it was only the stuff of myth and legend amongst cyberspace but no... I shall be the 3rd man to die of a blogging accident!) So this is what I have done... may this relatively short blog entry save my life from more bloody annoying crying emoticons typed over and over again! (I use webmessenger! They take a long time to load ok?) Hopefully this has appeased the great terrorist leader Becca L. Blogmore... because if not she knows where I live... and can walk there within 10 minutes!

... someone hide me!

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panicthisgiirl said...

Haha It amazes me at how good you are at talking absolute shit Bilby :)

I think this is an inside joke, but it was fun to read :)