Saturday, October 18, 2008


OK I'd just to inform everyone that neo-classical symphonic cello metal is the best genre of music of all time and I love it... it is also not real. (I just put lots of different genres together because they're similar and all just really awesome) I have recently discovered that Metallica sounds unbeleivably awesome when played on the cello and so I have gone out and bought every Apocalyptica album I could find! As in ONE ALBUM! (Btw if you haven't realised yet... Apocalyptica is a band with lots of cellos in it and is famous for doing covers of Metallica and having other people sing in their songs) Yeah, why is it that all the bands that I love over all others decide to just so happen to not be popular enough to have much mention in shops? AC DC has... OK apparently their still doing things (Darn, bad example. Was going to say they haven't done anything since the mid 80's and they still have a whole row of space in JB-Hi-Fi to themselves) Well I like bands that people don't care about... The little section for apocalytpica is a little card with their name on it hidden behind other cards with bands names on them that also don't appear to be popular... Took me a while to find it before I realised there wasn't anything there next to it! So had to wander around a lot before I found another CD store and finally found (after experiencing the same problem) that they had only one of their albums and only one copy of that. It was their newest one which has "I don't care", "I'm not Jesus" (It's true, Corey Taylor isn't Jesus) and "Worlds Collide" so yeah. Unfortunately no Metallica covers (or Nirvana. Now I dare anyone on earth to listen to the Cello rendition of Smells like Teen Spirit and not at least smile or think it sounds cool :P) but it does have that lovely voice from Lacuna Coil in one song so I is happy now :)

... Oh yeah plus Good Charlotte had a "Buy me now! I'm cheap!" Sticker on it... I like Good Charlotte... but apparently not many other people do because the stores want to get rid of the CD's they have...

OK I'm now uncool for liking bands with "I'm cheap" stickers on them. Yay!

Oh yeah plus this blog entry isn't actually funny and it's just me blogging about what I did today (Because I have nothing to do on the computer I just want to listen to my NEW CD and so need to do something so I have an excuse for hogging the computer... and it's lovely black speakers that play the sweet cello music I do so adore) so hope anyone out there has enjoyed my story of how I went to the shops and then bought something... as you normally do at shopping centres...

CENTRES! OK! NOW I have something to blog about! I am currently reading a book on psychology I got from (guess where?) THE LIBRARY! :O And there's this thing that I do when reading books that I have developed this year where I read things and check for any spelling errors. The Choson by Chaim Potok is one prime example of how not to write a book... As in writing it without going over and checking for errors like on pg 155 "Siad" and 254 "looke" and a few more but I don't remember them. Anyway, (btw if anyone can tell me the grammatical error in Twilight and what chapter it is in you shall get a free cookie point! :P I know where it is now you go find it. Btw, Oestrogen is spelt with an O on the beginning so grr you Americans! Even though the author is... English) I was reading this book only a minute after getting it out and I have a little thing where I get annoyed at American spellings but can handle reading an entire book with people spelling "Colour" without a U so when I read the middle of the first page and it said "Center" at the end of a sentence that was OK... But then the very next sentence only THREE words away from "center" was "centre" (which for those out there is actually the real spelling. Just want to inform you that everyone else is wrong and "Litre" and "Metre" are spelt like that because their French...) and I was just like "... WHAT!?" And I rushed over to my mother to inform her that the book was basically WRONG! (WRONG!) I am OK with people spelling words one way or another... but you must PICK ONE! (ONE!) It just looks stupid if you say "The gray colour of the armor was not the color of normal armour but an amasingly amazing shade of grey" (It's also weird that you're repeating the same words over and over again... and over again...) so yeah. First page and I've found something that's not quite a spelling error but very weird and in the same sort of ballpark as one. (I write these things down on the bookmarks I use for the book)

Please don't correct the spelling in this blog though... I know I might spell a few words wrong but when I look back I realise and then correct them... very annoying seeing "jsut" (I type fast and make mistakes... Jsut is just one of those common ones)

Have a nice day to all the people who I know for sure read this. (A lot of them start with the Letter B :) yes, You know who you are! :D And have a very good day to that someone who starts with L)


Brooklyn said...

Hi random guy who i know but you don't know me!!!
(Or do you?)
Actually I don't know you i know of you and your blog was recomended to me by a friend of mine, something about-
"if you enjoy reading randoms rant about nothing...."
Ha! Burn!
I'm kidding, I promise it was meant kindly. They love you... Actually i don't know, cause i've never met you (already stated) and i haven't seen them in AGES.
You don't even get to know their identity! This is so my identity continues to remain secret and you can be freaked out with the knowledge that i however KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!
Anyhoo, cool blog..... i like it, makes me laugh and that's not easy......

Brooklyn said...

MAJOR FAILURE!!!!!!!!!!!
How much do i suck?! You do in fact know the exact identity of the person who did tell me to check out your blog...... you see i'm on her computer and used her e-mail to set up my blog as well as the fact that i have these really unsubtle clues everywhere, so the whole creeping you out thing lasted a total of, yeah, a few minutes. I FAIL!!!!!!!!!
Ignore me and my craziness, and conitnue to write randomness about zombies,etc.