Sunday, October 5, 2008



... Now to find my way into yours... What do you say about me to your parents!? Yeah I'm just blogging about you just to prove I'd put you in my blog! So I know you're happy about this but I thought I'd just add some more to it... (A.K.A. Typing about nothing)

OK yeah I am probably going to continue to edit this (You see the caps locked text at the top? That's the original post everything else is added on later) and say a few more things. Maybe I should explain this post to the outside readers? OK then I shall! OK basically... I have no idea really it was... a whole three hours ago when I originally posted this!? (That's... so long ago... I feel old now! So old...) But I remember something to do with a phone call. You see I have recently overcome my phobia of making phone calls (Thanks to my dear girlfriend... who basically asked kindly to call her so I did... and it was fun! :P) so I decided to call an old (but really quite young... barely legal young? Nah I'm not that old... although I am quite old... after all I mean three whole hours!? THREE HOURS!?) friend who never finds the time to call me even when I remind her too. I had previously mentioned that I had a blog in an email and she was reading it when I called and (insert conversation that I don't remember verbatim here) then there was yelling and high pitched noises that could crack windows (mainly coming from me... I breathe in Helium on a regular basis) and something about "I'm not in your blog!" and "you won't put me in your blog!" and "eewa! garr waaa! waaa! Blog!"...

...and so she is now in my blog :)

Anyone else want to be in my blog!? anyone?... hello?... They've all left me now! :(

Oh and uh... yeah also her mother was reading my blog too so if her mother sees this... she might think I'm creepy... very creepy... I just told the entire internet about her daughter and she's heard of me but has never met me or gotten to know me. Now if you were her wouldn't you think that I'm some kind of bizarre weirdo? (Even if you weren't her you'd probably think the same thing you just wouldn't fear for your daughters safety) Well OK! Now a bunch of complete strangers that I've never met, Becca has never met, Her mother has never met, and none of the aforementioned people even have heard of are now imagining what it's like to be someone's mummy... so NOW if I was someone's mother I'd be more creeped out by the people her daughter doesn't know than the good, kind, considerate, strange, wonderful friend that she's heard so much about :D OK so basically everyone reading this blog is actually the sick bizarre pervert not me! (Even though... I'm just friends with a girl that's barely younger than me...)

...P.S. Talking about my personal life on the internet for everyone to see is FUN!!!! :D (Regretting being in my blog now?)

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a blogg !!!!!!!!!! about mee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!