Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Every now and then...

...I go into a frenzy of trying to get a job. It's emotionally draining sending resumes off over and over again knowing that I won't get a single email back. Not even a rejection email.

See job hunting is a lot like trying to date 100 different people in a month and you know they're all going to reject you by never calling you. It's really not fun. This is, of course, after sifting through the thousands of jobs that come up that require experience you can't get (because you don't have the experience to get the job to get the experience to get THIS job) so the entire thing seems lengthier and more time consuming than it should be. It starts to feel like a waste of time (time I could be spent earning money or doing productive things like studying for my degree) and in a lot of instances it probably is.

Then something gets in the way and I feel I can only tackle one problem at a time in a linear fashion... Suddenly life improves. Job hunting kills me. It's like actively taking hours out of your day to punish yourself and tell yourself you're inferior to others because you don't own a forklift license (seriously, what is up with all the jobs that require forklift licenses?). Job listings on websites are always disorganised and barely related to the search criteria that returns them. The problem is that all this time spent not being employed or job hunting accumulates to a bunch of money I could've had by now if only I had someone gotten some terrible casual job in some dodgy dank place somewhere (bonus points if the manager was balding and refused to discuss the mysterious mould that was growing next to the employee's lounge) and that always haunts me whenever I stop and think "wow, I really wish I could afford this lens for my camera..."

I just want to get it over and done with. If I get a job I can stop worrying about that job. It's just so tiring... or maybe I have a medical condition. I should probably get that checked out but I'm currently too busy job hunting/complaining about job hunting.


Have you ever noticed how and are the same website with a different logo attached? Have you noticed how is as functional as an alcoholic is at driving? Because I have. I notice them all.

I have it glazed into my eyes.

"Experience needed..." the bane of my existence.

The end of my university degree approaches. I fear the end is coming. Someone come throw money at me and reassure me that I have the good part of a decade left of my 20s to go...

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