Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adventures into Responsible Adulthood

Today I went shopping... survive.

Both my sisters have moved out of home and my parents are in Sydney for the week so that leaves me and my younger brother who isn't going to do anything towards maintaining the house so it was up to me to fend for the both of us and buy food. Foolishly I had brought this upon myself by asking my mother to just leave me money so I can practice being a "responsible adult". First up: Dishwasher.

How... is that... am I loading this properly? Can I put cups in that spot? Should I fill that up with blue liquid or... Ok press the button anyway. That's good enough. I don't remember it making that much noise previously when Mum uses it but OK. The red light means it's on so that must mean it is doing something, probably washing the dishes.

While that does its thing I made a shopping list. To see what I needed I looked in the fridge (which was nearly empty) and stared at it long and hard...

"...what... do you normally have in you..." I thought. Honestly I don't remember what goes in the fridge besides yoghurt and we didn't have any of that so I put it on the list. Surely lists are longer than that? Is it just a list if it's one thing but bullet pointed? I heard somewhere that lists look better in threes. After a lot of staring at the fridge wondering what exactly I ate back before I had full control over what I put in my mouth I managed to write down more like "milk" and "cheese". Something else too... Also Froot Loops because damn it mother! I don't care if they're nearly completely just sugar! (She wouldn't buy them because she wanted me to be "healthy". Yeah well I spend most of my time sitting in front of a computer anyway so tough luck on that one)

Off to the shops to buy food for survival and not just fun. I was never a real fan of shopping but now it had the added con of "responsibility" attached to it. Ugh. Oh no. The things I find while stalking between the different isles must sustain me for the week to come... I meandered aimlessly throughout the store, unsure of where anything was but discovering new things as I went a long. There was so much gravy.

So much gravy...

I couldn't find the right cheese so I skipped it and just bought a lot of different kinds of fruit juice. YOLO!

I awkwardly paid the cashier and then walked off with the four plastic bags filled with random foodstuffs only I meant to grab two in each hand but it didn't work and I accidentally grabbed a bag in the middle with both hands and was too awkwardly carrying it away to stop and fix it. I just kinda looked a bit odd carrying these bags in a slightly off manner as I exited the shops...

The things I bought won't last me a whole week... I'm going to have to do this again.

That or lay down and die from starvation. I dunno. One of those. We'll see. Damn adulthood is hard.

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