Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Dick Is a Commentary on Stereotypical Masculinity

A while ago I made a video entitled "My Dick":

You should watch it. You'll love watching my dick. When you look at My Dick it'll make you laugh.

Far from being just 3 minutes of non-stop dick jokes it is something deeper and more intelligent than that. It is a commentary on typical expressions of masculinity. The conventional method of affirming one's superior masculinity is to exaggerate and brag about the issue of size of the manhood. I took this concept and parodied it by taking the saying "it's not the size that matters, but what you do with it" and expanding upon the idea of things that you can do with it to the point of absurdism. With impossible statements like "my dick knows kung fu" and "my dick creates liquid nitrogen..." the idea of traditional forms of masculinity are shown as sub-par. The criticism is indirect, but effective. By positing the idea that the competitiveness between dicks to assert dominance is inherently absurd through a constructed example we can link this back to the basic form that it exaggerates and see that comparing dick sizes is stupid. Paradoxically we manage to affirm our masculinity through a mixture of immaturity and intellectual criticism of the very system that we are utilising to affirm our own masculinity. Through insincerity we escape the obvious insecurity that bragging about dick size tries to cover up. This comfortableness with our own masculinity and sexuality is further demonstrated by the fact that we have decided to sit in bed together to discuss our dicks, with no sense of discomfort or fears that the image of two men in bed together is seen as the exact opposite of masculine in contemporary society. It is a challenge to the heteronormative ideas of society by showing off something that is seen as masculine and heterosexual in juxtaposition to a homosexual setting. Ultimately the idea of phallocentricism is seen as a self-serving egotism that is shallow and empty as it requires competition with others through fictional statements.. As comparison with another male is unimportant as our dicks are not for service of the other it is the realisation that such a competition is pointless. In the end neither of us really wins.

This commentary on contemporary expressions of masculinity is perhaps my most underrated and intelligent dick joke I've ever made.

Also, John Green had a competition called "Nerdfactor" recently where to enter we had to send in our best videos as a video response and he'd watch them all then pick a winner to do a guest vlog in his absence. I sent in "How to Love Yourself"  It didn't win but I realise now I have passed up a golden opportunity to have submitted "My Dick" because then I could say with all honesty "John Green has seen My Dick" and the joke would've been almost worth erasing all possibility that I would even remotely have a chance of winning that competition. Oh well.

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Marilena said...

This is one of the best videos I have ever seen haha.