Monday, October 24, 2011

Plan 9 Film Competition

Huzzah! The time has come citizens and denizens of the Internet, to cast your gaze upon the entries of the Plan 9 From Outer Space Film Competition held by Darkstone pictures! Long time readers of the blog will realise how I am a bit of a fan of the original 1959 cult classic sci-fi horror film and it's eventually upcoming remake as I have blogged about it before. Good news! All that hard word and tricky cinematography (I tried so hard to make it look good, when really I could have made it deliberately abysmal...) my entry to the film competition from way back has been accepted and bam! Voting for round 2 is open!


You go to there and it will have all the entries for your viewing pleasure! I recommend mine: The 9th Plan for the one you should vote for, but in all fairness I suppose you could vote for someone else if you think theirs is the best, or worst, depending on how you're really judging these things by...

BUT YES, VOTING! Why is it important? Because if I get into Round 2 I get to make another film (and we all know I love that) and EVEN BETTER it gets to be on the DVD release of the remake by Darkstone pictures!

DUDE! I WANT TO BE A ON DVD! DON'T YOU WANT ME TO BE ON A DVD? YOU'D LOVE ME TO BE ON A DVD! (It's better than VHS! And oh boy does it walk all over Beta-max!)

For those averse to clicking on that link and scrolling:

Here's the idea: You have until November 20th to vote for your favourite. Email with the subject "VOTE" and in the message say the name of the film you'd like to choose. Mine again is called "The 9th Plan". I could tell you the name's of the other entries in all fairness... or you could just visit the website/Darkstone's youtube channel  to find what the other films are called you lazy person.

Yeah. I feel like I should've tried... less... because as I recall there was the idea to reimagine Plan 9 From Outer Space (to go with the idea of the remake) but there was also a separate prize for the worst entry... (this competition is being updated really slowly, far apart, and doesn't seem to be entirely consistent but shhh, I might win it) and other people's have gone for way more overboard cheesy bad special effects whereas I tried to blend the bad and cheap paper sets with something newer and better. Why did I even bother working so hard to make it look like I had 3 walls to shoot when I only had 2? Could've had a brick interior for half of the space ship and gotten away with it! So everyone else's is this brilliantly awful accomplishment in deliberately poor special effects or quality and mine tries to look good while attributing it's "bad" qualities as homage. Oh no, I'm my own worst critic.

Awww.... oh well.

Though I like Plan 9.1 From Outer Space for it's costume's and that glowing grave thing. That was cool... I too tried to mimic the original costumes but they did it better. They had better make up and their zombie was bald. Damn.

But the description of the competition says "the top 2" will go onto the next round so yeah! Doesn't matter that 9.1's costumes are better than mine (dude did you see Andrew's alien uniform though? You can't tell but it's actually purple, just like in the coloured version of the original film) because even if they get more votes than me, I think I can get more votes than the other entries. YAY!

But ignore all that positive praise I just had for other entries... forget I said it and vote for me instead, please. I don't think I'd be allowed to give you any incentives for voting so you're going to have to rely on your own sense of self-satisfaction for participating in the greatest tradition: Internet democracy. Yep. I hope it brings a warm and fuzzy feeling to your heart to know that you were one email closer to getting me on a plastic disk.