Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Blog is (Visually) Boring

Yes, I've come to the schocking realisation that... my blog just doesn't look any good... at all. Que? Well take a quick look at these blogs!

.... uhhh.... just a sec...

aha! Go visit it! Do any of you know who that is!? That's Caitlin Hill from the youtube channel (I has faileded HTML code... how do you put hyperlinks in text? :( oh well) and not only is she incredibly awesome as proven by this very scientific video:

I think that's the one I want... and she does some stuff and... yeah I'm not going to give you her life story or what she does because that's just weird. She's an interesting online personality that I've been subscribed to on youtube since the very start of my channel and without her... I wouldn't know what blogspot is.

ZOMGWTFBBQLOLQUE!?... wait what? That string of letters was... gibberish :S (english language just got owned) well I gave you a link to her blog and if I hadn't been a fan of hers and seen the link at the bottom of the description box in her channel I never would've discovered blogspot and subsequently eventually decided to make a blog.... so woo! That's about all she's done for me... besides entertain with her many odd videos.

Quick reason why she's not just another random on the internet: SHE'S GOING TO BE IN THE REMAKE OF PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE! :O! (gasp!) proofs! it says Caitlin Hill and wikipedia assumes it's the same one plus she is in independant films why not have succeeded in breaking into a hollywood one? I really absolutely adore that movie in all it's patheticness! When I first saw it about.... a few months ago I was thinking "I bet I could remake this movie with almost the same scenes and dialogue and STILL make it better than this!" and apparently someone else has decided the same thing.... only... they'll probably change it...


OK if that doesn't work just go to:

OK I'm pretty sure I wrote more than this.. my text disappeared!? Anyhoo, all I really said was that Plan 9 truly is one of, if not, the WORST movie... of all time! It truly is absolutely abismal! No one acts well in it at all, the script is so bad (I love the classically bad lines "you can see or measure the atom but you can split it to create energy. Sunlight is made of many atoms") and the story is so stupid ("All earthmen are stupid! Stupid! Stupid!") and I never thought that any movie could have so much incontinuity, bad special effects (even though it is from the 60's) and the lighting... OK during some scenes it changes from night to day to night to day in a matter of a few seconds... THAT is how BAD it is! The directing is the worst I have ever seen! The guy who directed it got a Golden Turkey Award for Worst Director Ever.... after his death! wooo! Posthumous woo! Creepy scary talentless dude wooo!


OK I figured it out... that's the poster to the original Plan 9 From Outer Space. What has this got to do with anything? Well... it doesn't actually. I go off on tangents of what I say originally because I don't actually have anything to say to begin with! Haha yeah that's right! I don't know where I'm going when I write these blogs I just end up places... and this one is actually about how visually boring my blog is sometimes... so I decided I'd put in some interesting visual stuff things for you to look at! And what's better to stare mindlessly at than a movie? Yes, lots of other people's blogs are all very boring but mine is very interesting now due to the prettyness! COLOURS! COLOURS! (Look at them) excuse me... I am currently lapsing into insanity... (eeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr....moo)

Yes, so I hope you are currently enjoying the weird things I have put up to show you (I've heard that one before...?) and I'm about to get some more stuff up for your enjoyment! (I bet you've heard that one before!)

OK this... is Mew... (Isn't it the cutest thing ever!? ISN'T IT!?) as drawn by Nadou on deviant art (You rock! I don't know who you are and have never even visited your account I just felt like mentioning that this was your piece of artwork so you don't get annoyed at me for putting it here without your permission! Unless you stole it yourself but I think that is very unlikely! I also like pineapples!) and yeah... if you haven't noticed by my previous blog entries... I still like pokemon.... games... I like the pokemon games. Playing with Mew is fun! :D (In more ways that one! ;) mhm!) hahaha ok...

moving on... I have a large amount of strange pictures on my harddrive (strange as in... weird/funny ones not... the other kind you'd expect to find on a teenagers harddrive... no! Don't look at me like that!)

 everyone! Woo! No, unfortunately I am not too rich if that were the case (that'd be so awesome though! doesn't matter that it can't work...) even though I do have over 1000 pictures specifically designed to be amusing.... nearly 800 of those being lolcats (eee! lolcats can has ma lols kthnkbai......... I feel so wrong for saying that....) and these weird images are all very fascinating so I'm just going to... well... give up on trying to amuse you and take the really lazy and pathetic option of showing you other people's works and just showing them to you to amuse you... even though all I did was press a button...


hahaha that's so cruel....

OK there's a few of them... probably not the funniest ones I have (although the voices and cocaine one just makes me burst out laughing every single time! Cannot look at those for too long or I look weird just sitting there uncontrollably laughing...) but you try looking through 800 pictures of thumbnails and pic the funniest ones... I'm too lazy.

Anyhoo, now you know what the inside of my harddrive looks like... I have successfully made my blog look shiny.... and pretty and colourful.... maybe some day I'll actually post images that are interesting that aren't just there for the sake of having pictures! Oh well...

Hey do you think I need a signature sign off? I think I need one... well... not really... it'd be cool though! I don't know maybe something interesting like a symbol... anyhoo

Have a nice day :)

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