Saturday, December 4, 2010

Return of Steve Roggenbuck's Chap Book

Hey ya'll remember when I decided to help Steve Roggenbuck distribute his poetry? Well, as thanks he decided to send me a few print copies of his chapbook all the way from Chicago and I was quite excited. Now I could distribute all the poems quite conveniently for him! And of course, I had an idea before the letter had even arrived in the mail. Here it is:

Here it is, the chapbook looking snazzy in it's simple  square format.

Here I am wrapping it up in Christmas wrapping.

Here is a letter addressed to a cleaner, any cleaner really...

Here is the inside of the card. 

And here is it, being left on a table at the food court in Whitfords City, just next to the escalator up to the cinemas. You see when you stop eating a cleaner will wipe your table and remove whatever junk you forgot about/were too lazy to remove and I decided that, hey... they're cleaners. It's important but they work when you've left so they hardly get any thanks right? So... what better gift than a vegan poet they've never heard of from the internet?

I have four other chapbooks in my possession. I'm sure to think of other interesting ways to give them to people/strangers.

For those who want to know what lies within the pages of said chapbook, here it is in full.