Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The World is Watching Me

You know how I often joke that I don't have an audience? (Even my stalker seems to have given up, and I don't blame her but it would be nice if she did come online once in a while) Well turns out I'm wrong. You see I may only have 7 followers (none of which comment ever. Seriously guys, comments? They help me feel loved...) in 2 countries but turns out I have actually got a lot more people reading the things I say than I ever imagined...

...and they come from EVERYWHERE! (some of the less popular ones I've never even heard of!)

And that doesn't show all my randoms from India and a bunch of other places. My blog has been garnering a lot more attention than I thought! Apparently it's got 4 hits this week from Slovenia and 11 in India, 11 from Malta this month and I don't even know where that is! The good citizens of the US of A are oddly more interested with 61 hits this month.

"Wow... wow" you're saying "... that is barely anything at all " But I mean come on! Before I didn't think anyone at all was reading, that it was shut off completely from the world, but now I realise that I'm getting over 200 hits a month (or at least I did last month... you know if I got around 250 hits last month then why is my total hit count only around 700? I think it's because the Google Stats button on my blog is actually quite relatively recent and so it hasn't been measuring the hits for many months...)

So hmm... I actually thought earlier on today that it meant I'd been read over 800 times in the past 2 and a half years but I suppose I'm probably wrong. I am so much more popular than ever before... I have... an audience.

You know what that means... I'm warming up my blogging-muscles and getting ready to trim the blog-flab...

(Dramatic music for large build up)

It's time to blog.

(dun dun dun!)

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