Saturday, October 30, 2010

Otters use Tools (Scott is wrong)

Otters are pretty damn cute.

They're also pretty damn smart. What? Otters are smart? Yes. Otters are smart (I just said that). So smart that they can use tools!

What? LIES! LIES! I hear you screeching like a deranged banshee at your computer screen until your throat is coarse and bloody. Dude, seriously calm down this is just an otter... look, have a picture of one to calm you down:


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Silence yelling Otter of stupidity! It is time to educate you, and everyone else out there that Otters can indeed use tools! Don't believe me? Well let's skip past the Wikipedia Article on it that says that they can (Because hahaha Wikipedia, since when was that reliable?) to some other random website about wildlife and stuff...


They are the only mammals other than primates, birds and a few other animals known to use tools. They use small rocks or other objects to pry shellfish from rocks and to hammer them open.

Propaganda! Yells the yelling Otter of Stupidity (see above) thinking that such trickery is simple and easy on the interwebs!

Well, feast your eyes on:

This video demonstrating in a bit of detail the point I am trying to make!

BAM! As you can see, it grabs a rock and smashes it against the clam on its stomach to break it open so it can eat the tasty gooey insides.

Still don't believe me that they're intelligent? Well screw you! OTTERS ATTACK!!!

Yes! Yes! Tear the flesh from his bones! Attack my pretties, faster! faster!

(Image Source)

Next on Animals that are far more intelligent then you think: Squirrels. THEY CAN SOLVE PUZZLES SCOTT! THEY CAN AND THEY ARE PLOTTING OUR DOWNFALL!


My goodness is that an evil squirrel...

P.S. Shut up Scott, Otters use tools.

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Anonymous said...

Liar! I have had my fill of your poisonous pro otter propaganda.

_The illustrious Scott