Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Google's Gonna Get me Married

Remember the last post I posted? I'm Beethoven (named in reference to the episode of Community where they have a Halloween party and Abed dresses at Batman, and he says "I'm Batman" in a deep gruff voice... then he and Troy have a conversation about candy corn looking like traffic cones and how if they were to wake up as a ginger bread man they'd eat themselves, they wouldn't even question it because they look so tasty...)

Of course you do! Because you totally read this... Well, I know at least one of you does (yes, don't you feel proud that I am alluding to your existence in a blog post? You're welcome. It's a friendly thing to do, alluding to the other's existence...) so that's good.

Well, I'm talking about it because I noticed the shiny "stats" button that it gives you when you log onto the dashboard of blogger. I get to check my post views! I can check where my traffic is coming from! I can see just how unpopular I really am! But no, it actually surprised me that I do seem to get views on this thing. But one thing that entertained me greatly was that I discovered that when you type in "I want to marry beethoven" into Google (excluding the quotation marks) the first thing you get is my blog! I found that quite hilarious that I not only am the highest on a Google search, but that someone actually typed that in and clicked on my blog! "I want to marry beethoven!" "I'm beethoven" "OMG CLICK!"

So I'm wondering what other searches result in a hit from Google... hmmm...

"norway pineapple frisbee"

There. That in quotation marks does not garner any hits, so if you type it in with the quotation marks I am the only one that should pop up once I have published this. Yay!

Now I must rest.

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StalkerKid said...

Yay for reference to your stalker.