Saturday, August 21, 2010

Democracy! (100th post!)

Today, on.... the 21st! I voted for the first time. Yes, this young blogger has grown up and become a man! A man who must partake in voting for THE FUTURE! Yes, this is ALSO my 100th post! I was waiting until I had something of depth to say for good old #100... and it's political!?

Nah, it's not going to really discuss politics, well, maybe a bit.

There's a candidate for One Nation in the seat of Moore!? My goodness if it didn't invalidate my ballot paper I'd have rated you much lower than 6 you racist son of a-

Right. I went to the primary school which I used to go to as a child (Springfield. Yes, I know the ONE JOKE that goes with that school's name) but now feeling quite like an adult. I was ready democrate all over this primary school, oh yeah. I saw the line where people waiting to vote were in, but then noticed the pamphlet holders standing in front of the easiest access point to this line... Sigh... Too tight a path to not make eye contact, too committed of people to take no eye contact for an answer. I walked briskly past going "I know how I'm going to vote, no thank you. I know how I'm going to vote, no thank you" (one of the parties had a KID handing them out! Dastardly tactics, using today's youth as a way to promote whoever you are!) then turned the corner to see that at the end of the line where people would join was a person handing things out FOR THE GREENS! Ah, she be sneaky! She had chosen a place that was unavoidable, and not mingled into the blob of other peddlers. Yes, quite sneaky indeed... you think you're pamphlet free and BAM!

You get hit by environmentalism! Ah yes, a nice little pamphlet with the image of the one and only Sheridan Young! Youngest candidate for Moore, Greens, and probably any party for that matter. I know her personally so did not need a piece of paper to tell me what she thinks.

Let's all wish the best of luck to her :)

So anyhoo, here were are, at 100 blog posts. I started this blog with some random thing about fish (which appears to be even MORE about the future than this blog post is, also, wow I really didn't use this blog for many youtube updates AT ALL) back when I was in year 11 of highschool. Now I'm doing a Major with two minors in University.... but my hair is still exactly the same. Some things change, some don't.

Slowly, I am chronicling my life online (as we all are now with twitter) and perhaps one day, I won't need to write a biography (nor anyone) thanks to online blogs. Archived updates from 20 years ago still stored on prolific servers, backed up and open for the public to read, events recalled fresher than they ever could've been at the end of someone's life. It'd be an interesting look back on someone's life to see how they developed, what motivated them at the time to write, things that seem trivial now they could've written pages on then.

What will the next 100 blog posts hold? Perhaps dark secrets... perhaps by the end of them they'll have got mass marketed flying cars in production! (HURRY UP DAMNIT!!!) I seem to be blogging slower and less often. I'm sorry... to my non-existent audience.

Now to go and practice Beethoven's 5th on the piano constantly, I have to perform in my first ever concert tonight! (Today is a day for many firsts... many being... two)

Have a nice day.

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