Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I has blogs now!... whats do i do withs it? unfortunately talking like a lolcat is becoming ever less amusing (I are sick of its! although i do still love lolcats) but speaking of amusing that is what I do. For anyone who currently has stumbled upon this blog and has no idea who i am... thats ok the rest of the world doesn't know who i am either... neither do my youtube fans (well... most of them... hello those who know me) and that is why this blog exists because one) it can and two) because I feel that blogs are simply just for updates and rants and I have a (slowly) increasing fanbase on youtube (user: crazybilby for those who haven't figured it out yet) and so this blog will be about telling them about upcoming projects (lots of those right now just exams are annoying me a lot and getting in my way) so welcome to my (soon to be) amusing blog about THE FUTURE! and how... it's... going to catch up on us wether u like it or not! u can't stop it! its... THE FUTURE! (and soilent green is PEOPLE! :O!) so sit back and enjoy my rants because it's never going away and u WILL be wasting ur life reading it! (I like talking a lot about nothing as u may have learned already... i love u random stranger.... thanku for wasting ur time one something that doesnt even have correct spelling) but before i go on about my youtube channel (some more people pls subscribe... triple digits would make my day) i have to go to bed... nooo! :( and i was going to say something about fish! grr... goodnight people reading this blog...

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