Friday, August 21, 2009

You're a Nomenclature!

Ever have one of those conversations that just don't make sense? Well a friend of mine are sitting in chemistry, we're doing work on organic chemistry (mm-mm gotta love those hydrocarbons!) and I turn to him and call him Carbolic acid or something similar to that...

...And then things got kinda weird...

"Yeah, well you're nitrous oxide!"
"You're Cyclohexane"
"You're cyclobenzene"
"You're a spectator ion"
"Oh ouch man, that was a serious burn... well you're Potassium Permanganate"
"You're methane"
"You're a group 7 element"
"You're an unsaturated oleate group"
"You're an electron cloud"
"You're an algal bloom"
"You're Ethelyne glycol"
"You're hard water"
"You're a soap and detergent"
"You're a weak acid"
"You're a strong base"
"You're dimethylbutane"
"You're a cathode"
"Well you're the hydrogen spectrum"
"You're the light spectrum"
"You're indigo"
"Indigo isn't a real colour!"
"Yeah, so you don't exist"
"Well you're standard temperature and pressure"
"You're a delocalised electron"
"You have a low electronegativity"
"Well you're dispersion forces"
"You're triangular planar"
"You're the boiling point of water"
"You're an algal bloom"
"I already called you that!"
"Oh... well you're sulfure tetrachloride"
"You're a redox equation"
"You're a molar mass equation"
"You're Antimony"
"You're Polonium. You killed Madam Curie!"
"No, Radium killed Madam Curie you idiot! You're Charles' Law"
"You're the conservation of mass"
"You're insoluble"
"You're enthalpy"
"You're vapour pressure"
"You're Arrhenius theory!"
"You're Bronsted-Lowry theory!"
"You suck so much... you're a conjugate acid-base pair!"
"You're Vanadium"
"Oh yeah? Well you're String Theory!"

And that was when I won! Because I mean, come on, you can't really BEAT string theory now can you as a non-sensical science-based insult can you? Oh burn.

He so got burnt. That was indeed a serious burn. I'm so cool.

P.S. This actually went on for half the lesson. It was very very long...

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Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

I am indeed very cool! And revel in my own awesomeness!