Thursday, March 12, 2009


I've decided that my blog needs to become more openly friendly towards outside viewers (One day Brooke you won't be ashamed to show your friends my blog :P) so it can appeal to larger audience and therefore people will actually read what I write. So I'm going to be writing more broad-spectrum reader friendly blogs from now on, and what else to talk about that everyone will enjoy and love but a horribly violent comic book movie adaption!? WATCHMEN!!!!

Well let me start off by saying, yes, there will be blood (Wait no, that's already been used before) and you will be wondering just how violent this movie could get. The answer: pretty violent. Not horrifically (although all words are subjective to over/under use and are in no way quantifiable even on an individual scale and so by "Not horrifically" I mean it wasn't horrific to the point of disturbing to me but I am more desensitised than other people.) but quite violent indeed. There was more blood than there was in the comic book. The comic book wasn't really as graphic when Dr Manhattan decided to make someone go splat. This movie had bones (ribs and bits of spine) flying outwards with unidentifiable vital organs splattered in blood clearly visible when Dr Manhattan zapped someone. (At one point you see intestines dripping blood from the ceiling. The person looking up at them in shock has just had someone explode on them and is covered in blood.) I don't remember anyone in the comicbook having the bone in their arm broken at such force it protrudes from their skin but oh well. But when you think about it (well, if you have read Watchmen and then seen the movie) then you'll notice that the end is actually less violent than in the comic. You don't get to see the bodies... (SPOILERS!?) yeah that's hopefully not explanatory enough for anyone who hasn't seen the movie and wishes to.

I absolutely loved this movie but for some reason afterwards couldn't remember the names of the characters other than their "superhero" names. (They technically aren't superheroes except for Dr Manhattan. They are vigilantes, like Batman.) Which is odd because I don't remember them actually referring to them that much in the movie besides The Comedian, Rorscach and Dr Manhattan (Although Nite Owl is mentioned along with Ozymandias at least once or twice, and of course we all only know Hooded Justice and Mothman as just plain Hooded Justice Mothman.) so I was going "Ozymandias did this- wait. What's his name?" "Who?" "Ozymandias... Uh... the guy in purple..." (His costume changed! It was a lot less dark in the comic) "... the guy in Antartica." So that was an odd thing that happened. I kept calling The Silk Spectre II "Sally".

This movie is approxiamately 2 hours and 40 minutes.... and it has been chopped in half! Seriously for fans of the comic book you will watch this movie and be going "They've missed that, that, that, that, that guy had so much to him that's no longer there, they don't explain that, they don't explain that, that's not even mentioned!" ect ect but after you come out you'll be going "Wow! That was an awesome movie!" and you will definitely agree (I have already decided your opinions! You cannot fight me!) that they did an excellent job at telling the story of Watchmen while still cutting away all that they did. When you think about it, you didn't really need to know about the lesbian couple fighting in the streets, or the opinions of the newsstand guy or the relationship troubles of the prison psychologist... They might've bothered to have explained what the hell that weird looking pet that Ozymandias has but then again, where would you have put a piece of dialogue that explained that it was genetically engineered? But yeah there was quite a lot that wasn't needed (Tales of the Black Freighter was completely cut and is for sale on a seperate DVD.) so they got rid of it. That unfortunately gets rid of part of the social commentary but oh well. I liked it regardless! I'm not going to give any real ratings of this movie other than I thought it was awesome! Who needs to rate a movie or rank it? I enjoyed it even if it had the most liposuction I've seen in a movie adapation since Lord of the Rings (Half of the third book IS GONE! And they never explain the eagles and Tom Bombabil is completely ignored.) There's also a few changes so it's not going to be an exact replica with bits taken out. The ways a few of the people die are different (and have MORE BLOOD) so enjoy that!

Oh! Also, if you've read the book (including those random pages of text instead of images that make up extracts of the original Nite Owls book and other assorted things like a letter to Adrian Veidt from someone in marketing ect) you'll see at the very end a billboard with the word "Millionaire" in big pink letters on it. Well it's better than Nostalgia! (......get it?.... OK no, no one gets that. Adrian Veidt sells perfume! And one of the fragrances is Millionaire. It replaces Nostalgia... or the other way round. I'm pretty sure it's the former not the latter.)

Read the book. See the movie. Learn free will (In that order. If you do it in reverse then... you don't do the other two...)

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