Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Multiples of 5

If you are reading this... I am dead.

And if you believed that then you're a bloody idiot! How could I type if I'm dead? (besides the obvious fact that I'm a 709 year old vampire :P Soon to be 710! That sucks I won't stop being a teenager until 2020!) No. No I am not in fact dead (although I'm dead inside... my humour is a way of compensating for the fact that there's a great big hole in my heart the shape of a tissue box....) but until the end of year 12 I might as well be... I can't wait until after year 12. I can sit at home and write my novel. My great and cool novel with destruction and immortals and things THAT DON'T SHINE IN THE SUNLIGHT! Nothing menancing looks like it's covered in glitter dammit! NOTHING! (You put glitter on Hitler and suddenly everyone thinks he's harmless and hugs him! Rar! Hug the shiny furher!) So my bad guys are going to be smart and actually menancing.

I signed up for deviantart yesterday... I can't upload anything because it won't let me... (however will I upload my emo manga fan art!?) so I've gone off and drawn absolutely nothing since this has happened! (How ironic that deviantart was the death of my drawings?) Maybe I'll become a nun... (what has that got to do with anything!?) I don't know but I just feel like I need to be doing something else. Something productive.... something that isn't homework (It COULD be the solution to this problem, after all, I am meant to do it afterall... But I'm not doing it and I feel like I'm wasting my time. I have yet to see a connection...) Maybe it's because I'm not writing a novel or haven't made a film in ages... Hmmm.

Maybe I just MISS EVERYONE IN THE WORLD!? OK if you're not currently living in Perth and going to my school 5 days a week I am probably not currently talking to you that often. This sucks. Where the hell is everyone? Never ever get to talk to anyone online anymore... (you know who you are! Even though you don't actually read this blog! And those who do you also know who you are! Hello! I miss you! What happened to your phone!? Batteries? Or did you just hang up on me because I'm boring and weird?) so there's the fact that I'm swimming in a pool of crushing loneliness! (and apathy and meloncholy and melodrama and downright whingyness :P) You know, all give me attention because I'm so much more important than everyone else... you just don't understand me... (Yes I got a pamphlet about depression recently and turns out... I'm fine. GASP! OH MY GOSH!) So I'm being very cruel and mocking whining people... am I? No.

OK! Moving on. I'm going to get a bunch of those cool green laser pointers (so much better than red ones) and point them at rocks... and see if I can melt the rocks. Then get the molten rock and fling it at passing people to horribly burn and scold them.

I never said I was a nice person. (Maybe THAT'S why everyone who can run away has stopped logging on! :P Of course it makes sense now!)

I know someone who always laughs when you say the sentence "Drowning puppies and burning orphans" so you know... she's evil. More evil than me maybe? No. I'm the one burning orphans she's just the one laughing at it (Like I said I'm dead inside.) and like I've mentioned in previous posts THAT'S JUST NOT FUNNY! I am very cruel to orphans sometimes... It's terrible! I only do it to test the limitations of sadism and appreciation of dark humour in humankind (and I am disapointed in every single one of y-CHILDREN WITHOUT BALLOONS! Oh if you laughed at that -which is unlikely- then you're evil. Children like balloons... they like them a lot...) and turns out a lot of us are very very sadistic (as proven by Happy Tree Friends) We all laugh at slapstick humour (three stooges, half the gags in Happy Gilmore...) which is basically going "haha now you're in pain." and Don Hertzfeldt just takes what you think is right gets rid of it and goes "This is not right this does not make sense this is cruel. Laugh." And we do! Happy Tree Friends is the sort of thing that you laugh at but you feel bad for doing so because it's so damn EVIL! (And sometimes it just crosses the line...)

The ability to laugh is one of the greatest evils of mankind people! COME ON!

Multiples of 5. They're pretty easy to tell. Anything that ends with a 0 or 5. There. You learn something... AND IT WAS MATHS! (DUN DUN DUN!) Mwahahaha! I taught you maths! I'm more evil then you could have EVER IMAGINED! (Now to fling lava at you.)

This stopped making sense a long time ago... goodnight...


Bella said...

well of course its funny when people get hurt or do something stupid. it just.. is. guess we really are evil. its more funny when you dont like the person though :) hehe i love being mean:)

Bella x

Brooke said...

I got several mentions in this blog.
FRICK YES! xD. I'm slowly getting to world domination! mwahahaha!
lol :) My phone battery died. I promise. I would not hung up on such a critical part of our conversation.. Bet you cant remember what it was. lol
Miss you too mr Bilby.


bilby, YOU ARE CRAZEH! i spelled that wrong cause im CRAZEH too! HOW ARE YOU?! i read your blog on the daily! muahahaha! LUV U! JK!