Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mood: ???

Mood: Dead inside.
Listening to: Arkona (Russian folk black metal)
Reading: How do I read and type at the same time?
Watching: THE SCREEN! WHAT!?
Playing: My guitar. Because I can multitask
Eating: THE AIR
Drinking: MORE AIR!

Mood: Sticky tape
Listening to: The voices in my head.
Reading: My own blogs.
Watching: THE SCREEN! (Bloody hell how dumb is that!?)
Playing: With a roll of sticky tape
Eating: The consciousness of the universe. (Not very appetising)
Drinking: Something else of the universe's.... *whistles*

Mood: Ice cold shower and midday walks
Listening to: Fall Out Boy (No I'm not a screaming fan girl... I'm a screaming fan guy)
Reading: Day of the Triffids (How ironic my Sunday feels like a Wednesday)
Watching: The clouds go by
Playing: Pokemon Ruby for GBA
Eating: Boiled Pokemon eggs (BREED FASTER! Survival of the fittest = fail. I eat your eggs!)
Drinking: The blood of my enemies (and maybe a margarita or sasparilla)

Mood: Crazy as a I thought I was tomorrow
Listening to: The screams of my endless victims (like a symphony... OF PAIN)
Reading: Instruction manuals to my toaster (I WANT TOAST DAMMIT!)
Watching: The toaster fly out the window
Playing: Left 4 Dead... in my mind (I has no Xbox I be poor)
Drinking: Tomato sauce.

Mood: Paranoid.
Listening to: What's outside my window. Shhh...
Reading: The signs around me that someone is following me.
Watching: out for any stalkers.
Playing: the game of evasion
Eating: nothing. All food is probably poisoned.
Drinking: moisture from the air.

Mood: Apathetic.
Listening to: Simple Plan.
Reading: Margaret Atwood.
Watching: Bambi
Playing: with knives.
Eating: Prozacs
Drinking: Prozacs in liquid form

Mood: Violent.
Listening to: Slipknot.
Watching: AGGGHHH!!!
Playing: AGGGHHHH!!!
Eating: AGGGHHHH!!!
Drinking: Not enough!

Mood: Cannibal.
Listening to: Cannibal Corpses.
Reading: A newspaper (detailing my exploits)
Watching: My next victim.
Playing: With a dead body.
Drinking: Lemonade.

Mood: Desperately need scissors.
Listening to: Every Mozart and Chopin song.... all at the same time.
Reading: An ancient tapestry (I really don't like it... Someone give me scissors)
Watching: The hair straightener. It's watching me too... I can feel it staring...
Playing: with forks... not as good as scissors.
Drinking: Rocks.

Mood: High in the sky.
Listening to: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Reading: Whoa dude! The page is covered in pretty colours!
Watching: The pretty colours!
Playing: With the pretty colours!
Eating: Music!
Drinking: Hash brownies

Mood: Banana.
Listening to: Silence.
Reading: Gee you're nosy.
Watching: Why don't you just admit you love me already?
Playing: You're such a stalker!
Eating: Get away from me!
Drinking: Nooooooo!!!

Mood: Avoding reality and sunlight
Listening to: Halo Wars Original Soundtrack
Reading: World of Warcraft related literature (The Sunwell Trilogy Graphic Novel)
Watching: The Trailer for Diablo 3
Playing: Fallout 3 for the 10th time.
Eating: Nothing but chips.
Drinking: Anything with caffeine or sugar (can't sleep. Must destroy megaton and kill entire village!)

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