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I Will Miss Thee!

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I Will Miss Thee!
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Weeee! Ye all be fine hearty lads! Arr I be a pirate arr....[1] (Born March 21, 1299) I am also a blogger of asian descent although I was born in Australia and have recieved multiple awards in awesomeness[1]

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Subject (edit)

No, yes, no, it's not got nothing to do with nothing that isn't what I haven't yet said and shan't stall anymore to tell you... or is it? I don't know... I don't even understand that last sentence. (No on does... it's like... an octagonal-negative? octave of negatives... there's 8 in there...) OK moving on, as you all know... it is holidays right now for me. This is very sad because... I'm starting to miss my teachers....

AGH WHAT?!!? What kind of... WEIRD FREAK ARE YOU!?

*cries* waaaahahaha! Why do I yell at myself!? Hahaha yeah I'm... very random at times. Today especially... apparently. (citation needed)

History (edit)

Yes, I miss my teachers. They were great teachers and lots of fun to be in their classes! They were all interesting especially my chemistry teacher, who, for a while, was my physics teacher too. She was slighlty absent minded and would make a few typing errors occasionally and it was quite amusing to point out to her that Newton's "Fist" law was not real... and neither were "Fictional forces" (she has a problem with the letter R). It was like having one of my weird friends (who was writing a thesis) teach me it was great! It was fun, and seeing how I sat up the front if I ever didn't want to do work I would merely ask her a question and she'd start talking to me :) It was fun... I've never really been bothered/capable of having a conversation with my teacher that lasts 20 minutes before she realises we need to get back to work...[2] Haha she was quite amusing sometimes and lots of fun to be taught by. I learnt quite a lot about molecular bonds and enthalpy and stuff....
My physics teacher was from holland so he spoke another language.... well... if you asked him too that is. He spoke perfect english! He spoke it quite quickly and didn't sound foreign at all... although he did take bloody forever to explain anything![3] Seriously, I asked him once what units momentum was measured in (I said "is it this?" and so a yes or no would've sufficed)... over five minutes later when the rest of the class had walked out the door I was still sitting there... but at least I knew how momentum worked... I didn't really need to know everything from the absolute basics but thanks anyway! He had a habit of doing that.... taking forever to answer a question that only took a maximum of a minute because every single time we asked a question he needed to explain it from the very very basics and make sure everyone understands every little detail.... no! I'm almost constantly on an A! I want an answer quickly not one that takes forever! Besides this minor flaw (Really not fun asking someone a question... then realising the answer long before they've answered it) he had lots of interesting things to tell us. He knew lots of interesting tricks and was very good at ballancing stuff.[4]
My English Lit teacher! Oh she is wonderful! This year was the 3rd year I'd had her and it's always fun. She's the oldest of my teachers and is a grandmother so it's like having your grandmother teach you about shakespeare. She brings you tissues and once I got cookies![5] We even occasionally had a lesson just devoted to eating food as a break from working :) Lovely woman who I have always towered over even when I was in only 13 years old. One thing you notice though is when you're around a teacher for more than a year you start to notice that they have these stories that they use to make points about things. She has anecdotes that occasionally will come up and when you've been in her class more than once you realise she uses them about once or twice a year... so some people are sitting there thinking "wow this is interesting" and you're like "I remember last year you told that story..." which I don't mind. She even has new ones sometimes (new as in newly told, not new as in time) like the time there were two boys fighting and she goes "Right! Stop this at once!" and she grabs one of the boys (who was quite taller and stronger than her) and he must've been off balance because she pulled him and he went flying back into a pile of rosebushes. Everyone just looks shocked that this tiny little woman jsut threw a big tough guy into rosebushes with ease... haha :D My english lit teacher is your grandma meets the hulk...(citation needed)
My maths teacher was truly wonderful. I never learnt a single thing from her but she never yelled at me for rarely ever doing work... probably because she was too busy smiling because I would do the strangest things in maths! I would randomly ask her how her day was or ask her really weird questions like "In a fight between a covenant elite and pikachu who would win?" I say Pikachu because he is really fast and capable of taking a lot of damage but has really awesome thundershock attack (yeah I always side with the pokemon...) but my friend next to me thinks the elite would win because one plasma blast pikachu is dead....(citation needed) She never knew what to expect and it was lots of fun being in her class. I love using the classic line "Miss! (person) is disrupting my learning!" whenever someone disagreed with me so I wanted them to stop talking... I once even started pretending to break down and make sobbing noises in front of my teacher and her face was just like "" it was so funny![7]
My drama teacher has got to be one of the most awesome teachers on the earth.(citation not needed) He would quote The Simpsons, Adam Sandler and all sorts of funny things along with coming up with his own jokes aswell as draw very awesome pictures of toasters. He was the kind of person who you could talk to about a lot of things (movies, music, dancing, jokes, food ect) and wasn't one of those old people who aren't quite up to date. He wins the award for funniest, most relatable and patient teacher award for 2008[8]. We were a terrible class that didn't really get things on in time which was very unfortunate because he was so kind to us and we did disapoint him every now and then. We also had double periods on mondays and so halfway through he would pitch in some money occasionally when we would go to the deli nearby and buy some food (Lemon Crisps rock! Down with the heathens that do not appreciate the salty sweetness!) and it was fun.

Critical reception (edit)
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My teachers all like me (citation needed) and would love to have me in their classes next year. I got a rotten tomato report of %87 and IMBD thinks I am awesome.(citation needed) My teachers all gave me A's... except ones for all my TEE subjects. I got 1 and 1/2 C's and the rest were B's except two A's in Media. This was only because all my work was stolen by monkeys(citation needed) so if I had handed in my work I would've ruled the world! (huh? I don't think "citation needed" quite does it...)

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Sam said...

haha classic. I love that blog entry. Especially the wikipedia in layout :P. Your teachers seem pretty cool. But so are mine so PFFT :P. My drama teacher is the best! And you don't get to hug teachers? We hug teachers all the time. In drama we had one lesson where the whole lesson was hugging. My 2nd maths teacher was awesome. The first one wasn't. Hence why he left the school. My art teacher is cool in a way. I'm the top student in that class so I can't say much anyhow lol. My media teacher though, okay he is the exception. I have not learnt much, if anything this year. Grr. But my media teacher in Years 8 and 9 was the best!! He was cool! My Lit teacher was okay this year. And EVERY WEDNESDAY we had food. It was our double lesson so we had a food-roster :P. We had a really good class by the end of the year. And my History teacher is lovely :). She is so nice and interesting.
So yeah, I get what you say about missing teachers. And I still think this is one of my favourite ever blog entries :)