Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'd just like to draw ATTENTION to a previous post (which I could've altered without a fuss but NO! NO! I do NOT do that! I want ATTENTION! And last month I only blogged ONCE so this month will be full of even MORE blogs!)

Now everyone reading that like they should? Yes it says in one bit about my deliberately stupid answers the following:

"When asked about a balloon that rises at an decreasing rate and when does it stop? Well of course it continues going up for ever until its had infinite time to go up and infininth of any measurement... but this isn't actually physically possible (it IS the answer though) so I decided to say that... "given infinite time it will go on into infinity but that isn't actually physically possible but seeing how this is maths and isn't physics/reality then it doesn't matter""

Well you see I KNOW that this is the case because in a previous question I have recieved by the teacher which pretty much was the same as this the answer was the same as I gave (minus the bit about reality) and so I'd just like everyone to know that I got it all wrong! :O Because you see apparently it is possible to CALCULATE THE SUM TO INFINITY! And as you can tell this is very dramatic (even more dramatic than a MINI-BLOG!) and well apparently the teacher told me a lie! Yes... she wasn't teaching me for real when she went on about asymptopes and going on to infinity! She was just lying to me for fun you see... because she likes teaching me wrong (I often fail tests just in spite of her now... yeah that's right don't teach me right and I deliberately do things wrong! Just like you...)

OK just for all you nerdy maths people out there I'd just like to say how much I hate you and your SUM TO INFINITY! Because you see I don't care if you can calculate the sum to infinity you're wrong... and you just prove my point that maths isnt reality because you see if it keeps going on and on for all infinity it will eventually move past any given point and therefore the answer is NOT 500 metres! Yes I think the question was something to do with it starting off flying 100 metres into the air then increasing by 80 then 64 and so on... (0.8 times the previous increment) and yeah... I'm just annoyed at the fact that I didn't get any marks for my answer...

... or my drawing :( oh well...

But yeah I'm right and reality sides with me! Maths is wrong and is evil and even satanic! Just like the pokemon trading card game! (no really go on wikipedia and find this out) so I'm going to sleep now... so tired... (blogging takes it out of me... just not as young as I used to be)

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