Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yay! Holidays! Freedom! No school! No getting up early in the morning! No fun AT ALL!!!!... Yes, I said that holidays are no fun and to be honest with you I think I am correct! (Well how can't I be? I'm bored because of holidays therefore holidays bore me therefore holidays are boring to me so you cannot argue because you're not me... you can agree though if you really want to feel included... when really you're not which is part of the problem) The problem with holidays is it's a time where you don't get to see your friends five times a week and everyone goes off and does things... Things that don't involve you... (awww... REJECTION! :P) Basically the thing about holidays if you can invite people over or go do stuff with them everynow and then all day because you're free to do that but most of the time it's just sitting at home not doing anything... I don't like not doing anything...

OK so besides the social isolation and sense of lonelieness (REJECTION! :P) that extended days away from school (precious media department... oh my secret lover how I love you and your cheap and barely working film equipment!) cause there's also the whole thing that these are the last holidays before exams. This means I have two weeks of basically doing nothing but work to prepare for these exams! I have to get all my assignments out of the way so basically it's four chapter exercises for chemistry and maths, english lit presentation (shakespeare), drama performance along with set designs for the play, eight things to do in physics plus and oral presentation on radioisotopes uses in biological investigations, have to edit who knows how many hours after hours of footage (TWICE) for media and there's some more but this blog is awfully boring enough as it is without me talking about school work.... in... detail that is... I already talk about schoolwork... but to who? Who actually... reads this blog!? Why don't I know!? Brooke, if you're reading this you better tell me (that way I actually get some sort of sign that you're still alive and therefore not dead... because dead is the opposite of alive :) and two plus two is four and in the movie The Titanic the boat sinks... obviousness! woot!) also, anyone else who reads this... also tell me? (So I can laugh at you behind your back :P) anyhoo, personal messages in a public forum are never too good of a thing... or is it? (I LIVE AT 52 CYCLOPS CRESENT PERTH WESTERN AUSTRALIA AND MY PIN NUMBER IS 5672! I ALSO LEAVE THE KEYS UNDER THE DOORMAT AND LEAVE MONEY LYING AROUND THE HOUSE!) Well saying things just to see what happens is always a good way to see who is dumb enough to believe them... (also saying that people are dumb for believing things is a good way to make them think that what you just said wasn't real when it actually was, thus saving your savings from being snatched up from their randomly placed positions around my house)

So yeah... someone out there enjoying their holidays? Well phooey to you! I dislike your enjoyance (word!?) of the world around you and the favour it has granted you! (I meant enjoyment... enjoyance? It's not a word... but it should be... I also dislike the backspace button. Quantity not quality here! Come on people! You don't think I blog for any other reason other than to have a blog that takes up a lot of space do you? DO YOU!?) Anyhoo, I'm going to go and continue writing my novel! hmph!

... oh yeah and I probably won't upload any youtube videos for a while... sorry guys kinda busy with homework. I might upload one during these holidays then another after them but until exams are over it's going to be quite inactive on youtube in regards to me... Although I will watch a few vids occasionally and tell people what I think (because SOME PEOPLE enjoy getting comments! Huh? Never thought the person might actually like that would you?)

have fun :)

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panicthisgiirl said...

I cant even remember what the beginning of the post was about :p
Just joking.

Okay. I agree. Holidays can be boring. But at the same time they are extremely relaxing. I spend my days lazing around the house eating. Sleeping. And the occassional swim. (:

However, I must admit that I feel sorry for your unbelievable amount of school work. And here I was bitching about one english assessment, that isn't due for like 3 or 4 weeks.. into term 4 :p Mwahahaha! Sucks to be you.

And I am very sorry to inform you of this, but I. Am. Dead. :(
On the upside but, you are invited to my funeral :)

Haha enjoyance! :) I am totally stealing that word. And I agree. Words that are made up are by FAR better than the original words. Haha

Novel definately. My comment must be getting rather close to a novel but too :p

Anywho, I'm off.
Cya godfather of my soon to be child :) <3


ps. Bad idea giving out your address. *Stalks you*