Sunday, June 8, 2008

Halfway mark...

Yes i've reached the 50 video mark... only took me 15 months and I'm only going stronger and faster than when I started with even better videos than before... but yes I am looking forward to the 100 video mark as much as I fear it... because there's only 50 videos left... until it all changes...

... just 50 more... come on people don't forget to subscribe for the end if nothing else :P you will love it just as much as I will hate what must be done... I've got a contract can't back out of it now :D and very few people know what this thing is... but the rest of you don't... and I can't tell you it'll ruin the surprise... and trust me it's not what you think :P well for those who actually go to my youtube channel just so you know a timer will appear on the end of the descriptions of all my videos. For example:

countdown timer: 50

Now... enjoy the countdown!

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