Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fish prt 2

OK don't worry if you haven't read the previous blog entitled "Fish" that has nothing to do with this one except that at the end it says "I was going to write something about fish" which.. was the point of the blog aswell as introducing it but anyhoo... Fish.

Humour is part of my life as those who watch my youtube channel will know ( ) and so yeah while thinking of something to blog i thought of a joke which... is very interesting (Not really, please stop reading my blog you stalkers) and it is "Why did the fish cross the road?" and no this is NOT a rip-off of the chicken joke and has nothing to do with the chicken joke other than the structure of the introduction. The thing with this joke is it doesnt have a punchline in the traditional sense because you know.. fish CAN'T actually cross roads so the idea of this joke is not to tell it to invoke a laugh from someone (Unless you are very weird and enjoy jokes about fish with anthropomorphic qualities) but to tell it to someone... who will instantly stop and think "wait... how does the fish cross the road?" because you know this bit is left out and there's only the question of why it did something but not how it did it. Basically the idea is find a really absolutely nerdy person who cannot accept something unless it's plausible and tell them the joke (You might have to include a punchline of your design I don't care... i'm blogging about a joke about a fish that doesn't exist why do i care what you say or think about my fish?) and then they complain about the plausibility of this joke because chickens CAN cross roads but fish can't... so then the joke isn't the actual question about the fish but the fact that the person you're talking to is taking it too seriously (yes this only works on very few people) and so the joke isn't you it's them. haha nice joke that person who can't accept the fact that this is a joke and not real is amusing... to me.... somehow. Then you can just say stuff about how they need to get out more often or get a life or something which is crude but the idea of the joke isn't.

Thus making a joke with somewhat more complex humour than the generic jokes around (It's almost prank like) with multiple layers of meaning and this just goes to show you my sense of humour and what goes on within my mind thus showing...

... that i seriously need to get out more often...

Try out the fish joke on someone and see how people react (some of them might get loud!) and maybe.. film it or something... I don't know what you should do. You're taking suggestions from a man who thinks about fish jokes that make no sense and don't even have punchlines?

Edit from the distant future: Try this only on uptight logical nerds not autistic people, it is unfair to make fun of the autistic. Try to fine that fine line and stay on the right side, thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Much better fish joke- in the sense that it has a punch line....however still exceptionally stupid.

Why did Tom fall off the balancing beam?
Because he had no legs...
Why did Mary fall off the swing?
Because she had no arms...
Whay did Johnny fall off the bike?
Because Johnny was a fish!!!!!

Yes, i know, hilarious right?!