Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Burning Water

Ok sure hoping that... shows up properly very new to all of this... anyhoo yes Can Water Burn? OF COURSE NOT! what kind of dumb question is that? A question dumb enough for me to put to the test with my trusty double A batteries! OK quite a while ago youtube had a video featured on it's homepage about an experiment where someone sets water on fire in the way shown in the video above (a recreation by me) but you see.. it's not possible although it was quite fun to watch and dream about the ability to turn water into fire it's just not possible... although the idea behind it is: where u seperate water into hydrogen and oxygen and set those two gasses on fire giving you... water.. so water is a byproduct of an experiment not the fuel for one. I would just like to say that after trying and failing this... can everyone just SHUT UP! garw6sh! I did the experiment exactly the same don't try and tell me "maybe the batteries were flat" or "u wasted ur time staring at a cup for 40 minutes" because NO! no I didn't as many sad nerds with no life have already explained to me: water does not burn (Oh... my... gosh... REALLY!?) and no liquids burn it is the vapour coming off them (that's why petrol burns, because it evaporates quickly) and so that in mind... anyone trying to point the scientific flaws in this experiment is an idiot... because although u r smart enough to realise the problems with it... ur dumb enough to think I don't after being told it several times... even though i didn't even need that because i have already proved it doesn't work. So yes although this is an old video i think it's about time people stop trying to tell me wether or not it works or how i went wrong or why i wasted my time...

.... none of u get the fact that this is a joke... can't you see that i'm mocking the experiments premise by not taking the video seriously? I pretend to use a match as a cigarrete! I am not being serious at all in the video as I do a serious experiment thus not just proving anyone who believes it's real false but mocking them in the process by making an idiot of myself yet still proving it wrong. If an idiot who burns himself and has dificulty lighting a match can do the experiment perfectly and still prove you wrong don't you see that it means that it's not possible? Isn't the very idea of it too ridiculous for anyone to even believe?

Also, another thing can everyone STOP telling me that yes the splitting of water into hydrogen and ozygen will allow the gasses to burn? Yes it's true that enough current going through the water will split it and then you can get the two gasses and burn them but that's NOT THE POINT of this experiment! The point of my experiment is to see if you can burn WATER through the method DEMONSTRATED! And burning hydrogen... isn't burning water... hydrogen is lighter than air so any hydrogen you produce will float away too fast for it to create a visible flame (If any flame at all) therefore anyone who thinks I did it wrong... doesn't know what they are talking about, and is wrong themselves. So yes please watch my most popular video (when this blog was posted) on youtube with a less serious than inquisitive manner than you normally would with a different video about a scientific experiment. What i say is definitive I have thought about this any fault you find is a fault in your reasoning and you're missing the point.

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