Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blogging about Blogging

Whoa! Blogging is now healthy for me! :P glad i'm finally doing something healthy for myself... well... unless you count sleep as healthy (I sure do! I enjoy sleep i think i'll go do it some more after this blog... for... about 15 hours) OK I checked wikipedia (source of all knowledge and lord and master of the internets) on it's article on what a "Blog" is and guess what? it has one! It also has an article on "Noob" "Pwn" and "Lol" which just goes to show you just how utterly... pointless wikipedia really is... but anyhoo yes blogging is healthy! According to wikipedia "scientists have known long about the therapeutic benefits of writing about personal experiences." (and they only tell us this now!? what else have those sneaky scientists been withholding from us? I bet the know how to time travel too....) and Blogs are a way for this... a better new, more public way that totally owns your private diary! why just let your sneaky younger siblings know your personal life when the ENTIRE WORLD can know YOUR opinion!? :P the answer... who knows!? Scientists probably! And so blogging increases immune cell activity and reduces viral load in AIDS patients... o...k... as soon as i get AIDS... i'll start blogging about it so i can live longer... but blogging also improves memory and sleep aparently which is good because i dont remember how to get out of this room so i'm blogging until someone can tell me what a door is :P I am also very tired... maybe i should stop getting up so early in the morning (as in.... in the actual morning. I know... pretty early huh?) to reduce my tiredness levels or not spend my time blogging in the night (new hobby! it's better than kitten drowning...) but i mean.... that's too much work i'll just blog about nothing so I become a well balanced and emotionally calm individual who is adept at meeting people! wait... no that's... not the benefits of blogging that's the benefits of... not blogging... oh... oh well... hmm... well you know remembering stuff is pretty good considering i've got exams on tomorrow (and a few days before today! whoa! scientists give me the secret of timetravel pls?) and staying awake will probably help....

... this just means you're never getting rid of me internet! hahaha! I have discovered therapeutic blogging and so i shall blog about... something... eventually... maybe one day!

anyone who is willing to challenge this idea that blogging is good for you or wants to learn more about it just simply read this article: then either complain to them because you want your opinion heard (then... why are you against blogs?) or just accept what the media tells you and blog more! mwahahaha! blogging!

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