Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yay! The Light shall shine!

YES! WOOOO!!!! Oh the sweet sweet taste of coincedence and chance that God has given us! Oh! Thankyou who ever out there has saved me! As you may have read (below) I lost my storyboard and oh I don't think I stressed the importance of that work considering how my production was nowhere near finished so the teacher needed to mark me on that instead... and it was worth %50 of my ENTIRE mark for the semester which basically mean's half of the entire course basically. Next semester we start a new one so looking forward to that but anyhoo back to the %50 mark worth storyboard that SOMEONE (who isn't really to blame come back safely from.. road island? no... some... french place I don't know but if you're reading then just know I expect you to have fun!... when you actually leave which you haven't... but that's OK I forgive you for LOSING ALL my work!) had "misplaced" on the back of someone's parked car... yes in a desperate attempt to patch this catastrophe together and get as many marks as possible I re-did 2-3 weeks worth of work in 2 days during my precious weekend and handed it to the teacher on time unlike most of the class... the next day...

... someone comes knocking on the door with a plastic sleeve with my name on it and handed it to me. Excited to see it's contents I nearly hugged the poor messenger (but refrained because it's weird, creepy, that guy is annoying anyway, and i was too busy holding my preeeecciiouuusss) when i realised that it contained my lost storyboard! None of it had blown away in the wind none of it had been lost it was all there intact! Whoever owned the car had realised it was on the back before they had driven away and handed it in to the front office and oh it had been returned to me! My sweet glorious work!... that... kinda made my weekend a complete waste of time... that's jsut great but it is back! I love it in it's entirety although it has become somewhat outdated and kinda off considering I thought of extra shots, abolished old ones and improved the middle scene because of the prior events/apathy/stroke of genius (which I so totally am) so I now have twicve the amount of storyboarding that everyone else has! So although there's 108 shots drawn on that storyboard the amount will change slightly.

The Light! Oh it is going so well it's nearly finished the editing is totally sweet although I have abandoned Adobe Premier Elements 3.0 to work on a more familiar yet instantly and obviously inferior editing program: Windows movie maker. The only reason for this is because of two things. One) I don't need adobe for anything except for one shot now that I have discontinued a certain aspect of the film which I forgot to compensate for during filming so can't do that plus it's too dificult in the ending scene so I've ignored the entire special effects aspect. Plus I know how to do split screen in movie maker and not adobe and YES I did just say "I can do split screen in windows movie maker"! No don't laugh at me just because you're an idiot I am a very talented and motivated media student (who unfortunately is ranked 3 not 1... damn you other 2 people beating me by just a few marks! Curse you and your neater handwriting!) who has cleverly found a way to add the split screen effect as a transition by adding it to the subfolders in the program files in the C drive. If anyone understood that or wants to know what that means so they can get the split screen effect without paying for a fancy new editing program simply type into google (or yahoo, mahalo ect) "AddOnTFX split screen" which should give you instructions on how to get it for free! Or just email me and i can get you the exact website after a bit of searching to save you time but meh... So yeah basically all the media students at my highschool have ME to thank for getting whatshisname to add that transition to the media room.
Two) Adobe is a piece of junk on the school computers. The irony is the worst and oldest comp in the entire media room has version 6.0 but can't run it properly it's so slow and old! It has a floppy disk drive! So basically even the newer ones can't even run the darn program if you have more than one stream of audio or video at the same time so it will freeze if you try overlapping two things which sucks because I need to do that! But if you don't do that it'll just mess up eventually anyway so I got annoyed at having to restart the computer every five minutes when it messed up and I hadn't done much. I don't even think it ever saves my work anyway I keep opening it and nothing shows up... doen't save anything!

So besides the fact that the computers don't work I think I've done pretty well it's looking pretty good the shots and framing are mainly all right although some of the sound is kinda annoying as hell and there's a smudge on the camera lense in one of the scenes and oh I keep finding really small things wrong with it like when someone is holding something. They pick it up with one hand then in the next shot they're holding it with two hands. That little glitch always gets me it's quite annoying. Also some of the settings on the camera were annoying so the scenes with the light get blurry randomly for a second or the light is coming from the wrong angle so I'm just really dark. But I love it it's my lovechild with the media departments camera's and I'm going to make it better... ish... It's still pretty good and I hope to actually edit in some miscelaneous sounds soon!

Friday, June 13, 2008

GAAHHH! urge to vent

OK currently I have a media project that I'm making which is for once not a comedy but a very serious drama about death and depression entitled "The Light" and being in upperschool now I get to take the camera's home! Oooooh! Finally the chance to do realistic storylines and more complex ideas that make sense! OK first step: Scriptwriting! OK that was pretty easy although did go through at least 3 different ideas (most of which involved death some how) before settling on "The Light" (previous ideas include "untitled" and "Zeljko") Step two: Storyboarding! OK no simple storyboard for me I'm going to draw the entire dam thing shot for shot! All 118 shots! Yes took me about two weeks to do that, hours and hours of work but in the end it was pretty good and I liked it... then came step three: filming and this is where the stress begins...

OK for this film I need a very specific room in the school which has a spotlight in it. The drama room to be exact. OK the problem with this is for at least a week after me finishing the storyboard it was being used and intermittedly when we needed it ect not to mention sometime's it was just plain locked. Extreme "grr" to that little set back but no worries we got that filming done and imported it onto the computer! Step four: Editing! OK worked easy enough getting the footage onto the computer... opened up the school's brand new copy of Adobe Premier Effects 3.0 and everything went fine... up until the point where I pressed "play" and turned out ALL the audio was at least an octave too high.... yes things instantly stop being dramatic/depressing and sombre as soon as someone goes "I'm dead" in a CHIPMUNK VOICE! BAH! OK not to worry the file itself is perfectly fine it's just the program screwing up OK let's try a different computer....

... no wait that doesnt work either! Unfortunately the effects needed for this story, although simple, need a more complex editing program than windows movie maker! totaly piece of junk adobe! I trusted you with my media project! My only assessment of the term! My hobby my future career my time and effort into your abilities and you fail me....

... you failed me Adobe... you must now die....

Anyhoo editing problems aside which was stressful as anything there was still filming to do with the lovely and wonderful actress who I had hired (as in "hey do u want to be in my media project?" "yeah sure") so we sat there waiting until everyone had gone home to do the first scene (which involves having no one around) so we sat and talked and laughed and it was fun it was a lot of fun really it helped relieve the stress of having to deal with Adobe not working and my assessment being due very very soon. It went well there were no real problems and after that we went to her house to film a different scene....

.... got inside, opened bag "Hey what did you do with the storyboard and script?" "I thought you had it" ... and that's when it dawned on us... that it was 20 minutes away by car... on the boot of someone's car... at school... and it was a bit windy. Oh and its Friday today! so we won't know what happened to TWO WEEKS OF NONSTOP WORK for at least two whole days now! :D

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Halfway mark...

Yes i've reached the 50 video mark... only took me 15 months and I'm only going stronger and faster than when I started with even better videos than before... but yes I am looking forward to the 100 video mark as much as I fear it... because there's only 50 videos left... until it all changes...

... just 50 more... come on people don't forget to subscribe for the end if nothing else :P you will love it just as much as I will hate what must be done... I've got a contract can't back out of it now :D and very few people know what this thing is... but the rest of you don't... and I can't tell you it'll ruin the surprise... and trust me it's not what you think :P well for those who actually go to my youtube channel just so you know a timer will appear on the end of the descriptions of all my videos. For example:

countdown timer: 50

Now... enjoy the countdown!

Friday, June 6, 2008


YES THEY ARE! That's right! :P Yes thank goodness the hell is over... the hell of having to only go to school 3 hours a day for five out of ten school days and only ever getting up at times past 10 and only carrying around a few pens and sometimes a calculator that is... yes what's really going to be hell for me is having to get up at 7:20 in the morning (sunlight? sunlight!? You expect me to get up the same time the sun does!?) and carrying around a bag that weighs more than a small child filled with more books than can phsyically fit in it. Oh yes back to the land and fiery punishment of period after period of homework, assignments and having to look at my timetable (which I can never remember) every hour just to know where to go...

So basically I enjoyed exams a lot more than normal school! haha! Yes although Drama exams where a bit... ugh... no-hopery (who says that...? besides a character in the play I was analysing) but other than that it was a fun filled exercise in patience, ability to be silent, and a test to see just how many obviously stupid answers I could write in the two and a half hours given...

... yes... that's right....

.... stupid answers... :D

OK! Now maybe you think "these are your exams! Why are you deliberately saying stupid things in them if you are so supposedly brilliant and smart and wonderful and intelligent and knowledgable and totally awesome?" OK maybe... not so many adjectives or even... as positive sounding as that but yes I made some pretty deliberate stupid answers.. deliberately! :P Yes most of them were during my Maths exam mainly because I really don't pay much attention to maths so I was pretty bored after an hour once I had run out of things I knew how to do with another hour to go on the clock. Determined not to leave (The bus wouldn't come for a long time so sitting here in case I realised how to do calculus seemed a lot better than an empty busstop... with no pens and papers...) so I wrote a haiku! Oh yes... when asked to find the gradient of a tangent on a curve at a certain point I decided to write a poem.

Tanget on the curve
Is annoying me a lot
It can burn in hell

yay! 40% here I come! woooo! But that's not all! Yes don't worry I didn't skimp on the stupid answers. When asked about a balloon that rises at an decreasing rate and when does it stop? Well of course it continues going up for ever until its had infinite time to go up and infininth of any measurement... but this isn't actually physically possible (it IS the answer though) so I decided to say that... "given infinite time it will go on into infinity but that isn't actually physically possible but seeing how this is maths and isn't physics/reality then it doesn't matter" Of course to back up my prediction it'll go on into infinity I drew a pretty picture of a balloon leaving earth and going into space! also quoted buzz lightyear "to infinity and beyond!" but maybe the markers might take that far too literal... hopefully not I don't want the comment to say "you can't go to infinity then beyond... now that's just stupid! And physically impossible" I want it to say "we're mathematicians! We don't know what reality IS! Seriously... what's the mathematical formula for reality? There is none therefore reality does not exist! I can prove this mathematically..."
Also describing the curve on a graph... OK I KNOW it means is it a minimum or a maximum but who can resist the temptation to write "Curved, pretty eliptical. Like a very long half of an egg"? I sure can't...
And of course every single question I didn't understand AT ALL let alone the words in the question I answered as "42" because it's maths! and 42 is a legitimate answer for any question as fans of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy know... so I think I derserve marks for that.
Also on the back I noticed it said "The End" at the bottom in small letters but you know... it's never the end... maths never dies maths never sleep you can never... ever... escape maths... (It wants to marry you) so I wrote a little self-parodying advertisement! "The End!!... or is it??? tune in next week for more EXCITING MATHS ERRORS! Only on Fox!" and so hopefully I'll get those lovely red circles and question marks the teachers are fond of giving out :P Nah they're pretty stingy when it comes to red circles and question marks... Did however get a smily face on my maths test on Logarithms when I drew a (well done) log with an axe above it. Then a logarithm made of pronumerals: Log aX=E... oh yes... I am very nerdy my friend and I make up random maths jokes in class (It's better than actually doing maths!) and hopefully one day I'll be able to get a shirt that says "m(Ur mum) > infinity" which... doesn't make sense unless you realise that "m" stands for "mass" so basically I'm just saying ur momma so fat she has more than infinite mass! oooooh buurn... yes the nerd so burnt you... do you need some dry ice? :P

Which brings mean to chemistry answers. OK name two uses for oxygen "keeping everything on the planet alive" was one of them. I didn't do so many stupid answers as I did random drawings afterwards. Yes... meet the creator of Pac-Cube! All the round goodness of Pac-Man... in a square! :P And also meet Squarie... the song of Pinkie the ghost. Also, pac-cube narrowly escaped destruction from an atom bomb made from... (dun dun dun) carbon 14! oh noooeesss! carbon 14 is radioactive!? who would've thunk it?

English Lit... OK anyone who knows the story of Oedipus the King knows that it's full of Irony and lots of people tried to stopped Oedipus's fate (including trying to kill him) so I was talking about this in an essay and said all thier efforts could not stop his fate. Epic Fail. Yes... I wrote "Epic Fail" as a whole sentence in my english lit exam...

Yes well that was my silly answers to stupid questions... or... just me getting an "Epic Fail" on my feedback for semester one exams! yay! It's finally all over so I can get back to making videos for my youtube channel! yes... "Pwnage By grandma" is coming your way sometime soon! Yeah you better believe my grandmother has recon armor :P

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Little Things

OK just... forget everything I was going to blog about but I thought I'd just... give someone out there some advice and that is... don't forget to appreciate the little things in life :P Yes seemingly generic and cliche advice but unlike you... I know what it means and one day you might too! or... alternatively your one of my close friends reading this and you're going "oh yes... haha I get it" or a certain person who will just go "awwww" but that's my semi-metaphorical and sleep deprived advice for that day...

... i hope you enjoyed my MINI-BLOG! and yes MINI-BLOG must always be in caps... because MINI-BLOG'S need to compensate for being MINI... and for being a blog gee imagine the self esteem issues you'd have if you were a blog...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

CB Update: Machinima: BoD

Yes I am now updating people on upcoming projects of mine and first things first... machinima. I love it.. to the extent that... I watch it... sometimes... well I only ever watch roosterteeth machinima such as redvsblue and reconstruction (woo! reconstruction part two out now! it's awesome and totally changed my expectations of what's to come) so basically... i'm doing a Halo Machinima entitled "Bilby of Death" and for further blog title's for space it's (as shown in this blogs title) BoD. Yes I thought I wouldn't work on it until after exams but I got bored with revising chemistry I already knew so I went upstairs and wrote nearly four pages of the pilot and so far have developed a few characters. There's, of course, Bilby of Death (As he is known) or Bilby for short (Big surprise I abreviate when writing the same name over and over) who is... well I can't really reveal too much about his character (and probably should change the beginning it's... kinda ruined the plot instantly) but he is known as an expert gun slinger and carries around a sniper rifle and pistol as his weapons of choice.

Agent White Snake: Part of the R.E.D, and has a strange... attraction... to his car (A warthog) which is kinda very unsual and frankly, disturbing to the other characters. He also has been in antartica for some reason unknown to us and isn't a morning person.

George: (Name alterable in the future) Is a simple man yet irritated at the life he leads inside the building, surrounded by his many guns. So far all he has done has complain that he's stuck there... so... maybe he'll get shot later on I don't know... Maybe he'll become annoying... he can go anywhere at this point in time.

SJ: (Name definitely altered in the future) Is... just there really he seems to be the one keeping George at bay, stopping the guy from getting too annoyed reminding him why he's here but he, like George, also resents White Snake and is disturbed by WS's strange attraction to driving his car around while yelling "yeehaw faster baby!"

Frasbert: Yes... yes frasbert you are in this... (how else will i make this without your Xbox?) and you basically so far are plotting something but we don't know what it is! You also don't like Bilby for some reason and don't want him in your way.

Mother: Verbally abusing and probably on steroids... don't worry she'll do more than just yell at Bilby she might even lift a gun in the future :P

Also this isn't actually my first idea for a machinima and probably won't be the first machinima you see from me but I don't have time to go into detail about my other one but I will just go through some of the details and I hopefully will get these done sometime in the future (I have so many other projects and schoolwork to do beforehand but thats OK my friends are enthusiastic about this for once) So far the maps I've chosen are Last resort and Valhalla but there might be some other maps included. Also, because yes, i know, this is yet ANOTHER one of the multiple Halo 3 machinima's I am a bit uneasy going into this project as my first published machinima so, like I said, I hopefully will have released my Warcraft machinima (no it's NOT a World of Warcraft Machinima you idiots out there thinking Warcraft means WoW... there is a game called Warcraft that doesnt cost money every month to play... you know... like normal games... the ones worth playing) which is called Warcraft: The Un-Life.... which will be explained in the actual video. Both of these are upcoming miniseries (yes a SERIES! yay! finally a recurring linear storyline!) for my youtube channel...

... proving just how nerdy I am... I did my media investigation on sci-fi and fantasy films roles in society and progression in history and used machinima as a new form of film-making... and got a pretty high mark so being called a nerd really isn't going to get to me much.

P.S. Yes both of them are comedies although BoD is semi-serious and less outrageous and eccentric as my other videos. so look forward to them in the distant future!

Blogging about Blogging

Whoa! Blogging is now healthy for me! :P glad i'm finally doing something healthy for myself... well... unless you count sleep as healthy (I sure do! I enjoy sleep i think i'll go do it some more after this blog... for... about 15 hours) OK I checked wikipedia (source of all knowledge and lord and master of the internets) on it's article on what a "Blog" is and guess what? it has one! It also has an article on "Noob" "Pwn" and "Lol" which just goes to show you just how utterly... pointless wikipedia really is... but anyhoo yes blogging is healthy! According to wikipedia "scientists have known long about the therapeutic benefits of writing about personal experiences." (and they only tell us this now!? what else have those sneaky scientists been withholding from us? I bet the know how to time travel too....) and Blogs are a way for this... a better new, more public way that totally owns your private diary! why just let your sneaky younger siblings know your personal life when the ENTIRE WORLD can know YOUR opinion!? :P the answer... who knows!? Scientists probably! And so blogging increases immune cell activity and reduces viral load in AIDS patients... o...k... as soon as i get AIDS... i'll start blogging about it so i can live longer... but blogging also improves memory and sleep aparently which is good because i dont remember how to get out of this room so i'm blogging until someone can tell me what a door is :P I am also very tired... maybe i should stop getting up so early in the morning (as in.... in the actual morning. I know... pretty early huh?) to reduce my tiredness levels or not spend my time blogging in the night (new hobby! it's better than kitten drowning...) but i mean.... that's too much work i'll just blog about nothing so I become a well balanced and emotionally calm individual who is adept at meeting people! wait... no that's... not the benefits of blogging that's the benefits of... not blogging... oh... oh well... hmm... well you know remembering stuff is pretty good considering i've got exams on tomorrow (and a few days before today! whoa! scientists give me the secret of timetravel pls?) and staying awake will probably help....

... this just means you're never getting rid of me internet! hahaha! I have discovered therapeutic blogging and so i shall blog about... something... eventually... maybe one day!

anyone who is willing to challenge this idea that blogging is good for you or wants to learn more about it just simply read this article: then either complain to them because you want your opinion heard (then... why are you against blogs?) or just accept what the media tells you and blog more! mwahahaha! blogging!

Burning Water

Ok sure hoping that... shows up properly very new to all of this... anyhoo yes Can Water Burn? OF COURSE NOT! what kind of dumb question is that? A question dumb enough for me to put to the test with my trusty double A batteries! OK quite a while ago youtube had a video featured on it's homepage about an experiment where someone sets water on fire in the way shown in the video above (a recreation by me) but you see.. it's not possible although it was quite fun to watch and dream about the ability to turn water into fire it's just not possible... although the idea behind it is: where u seperate water into hydrogen and oxygen and set those two gasses on fire giving you... water.. so water is a byproduct of an experiment not the fuel for one. I would just like to say that after trying and failing this... can everyone just SHUT UP! garw6sh! I did the experiment exactly the same don't try and tell me "maybe the batteries were flat" or "u wasted ur time staring at a cup for 40 minutes" because NO! no I didn't as many sad nerds with no life have already explained to me: water does not burn (Oh... my... gosh... REALLY!?) and no liquids burn it is the vapour coming off them (that's why petrol burns, because it evaporates quickly) and so that in mind... anyone trying to point the scientific flaws in this experiment is an idiot... because although u r smart enough to realise the problems with it... ur dumb enough to think I don't after being told it several times... even though i didn't even need that because i have already proved it doesn't work. So yes although this is an old video i think it's about time people stop trying to tell me wether or not it works or how i went wrong or why i wasted my time...

.... none of u get the fact that this is a joke... can't you see that i'm mocking the experiments premise by not taking the video seriously? I pretend to use a match as a cigarrete! I am not being serious at all in the video as I do a serious experiment thus not just proving anyone who believes it's real false but mocking them in the process by making an idiot of myself yet still proving it wrong. If an idiot who burns himself and has dificulty lighting a match can do the experiment perfectly and still prove you wrong don't you see that it means that it's not possible? Isn't the very idea of it too ridiculous for anyone to even believe?

Also, another thing can everyone STOP telling me that yes the splitting of water into hydrogen and ozygen will allow the gasses to burn? Yes it's true that enough current going through the water will split it and then you can get the two gasses and burn them but that's NOT THE POINT of this experiment! The point of my experiment is to see if you can burn WATER through the method DEMONSTRATED! And burning hydrogen... isn't burning water... hydrogen is lighter than air so any hydrogen you produce will float away too fast for it to create a visible flame (If any flame at all) therefore anyone who thinks I did it wrong... doesn't know what they are talking about, and is wrong themselves. So yes please watch my most popular video (when this blog was posted) on youtube with a less serious than inquisitive manner than you normally would with a different video about a scientific experiment. What i say is definitive I have thought about this any fault you find is a fault in your reasoning and you're missing the point.

Fish prt 2

OK don't worry if you haven't read the previous blog entitled "Fish" that has nothing to do with this one except that at the end it says "I was going to write something about fish" which.. was the point of the blog aswell as introducing it but anyhoo... Fish.

Humour is part of my life as those who watch my youtube channel will know ( ) and so yeah while thinking of something to blog i thought of a joke which... is very interesting (Not really, please stop reading my blog you stalkers) and it is "Why did the fish cross the road?" and no this is NOT a rip-off of the chicken joke and has nothing to do with the chicken joke other than the structure of the introduction. The thing with this joke is it doesnt have a punchline in the traditional sense because you know.. fish CAN'T actually cross roads so the idea of this joke is not to tell it to invoke a laugh from someone (Unless you are very weird and enjoy jokes about fish with anthropomorphic qualities) but to tell it to someone... who will instantly stop and think "wait... how does the fish cross the road?" because you know this bit is left out and there's only the question of why it did something but not how it did it. Basically the idea is find a really absolutely nerdy person who cannot accept something unless it's plausible and tell them the joke (You might have to include a punchline of your design I don't care... i'm blogging about a joke about a fish that doesn't exist why do i care what you say or think about my fish?) and then they complain about the plausibility of this joke because chickens CAN cross roads but fish can't... so then the joke isn't the actual question about the fish but the fact that the person you're talking to is taking it too seriously (yes this only works on very few people) and so the joke isn't you it's them. haha nice joke that person who can't accept the fact that this is a joke and not real is amusing... to me.... somehow. Then you can just say stuff about how they need to get out more often or get a life or something which is crude but the idea of the joke isn't.

Thus making a joke with somewhat more complex humour than the generic jokes around (It's almost prank like) with multiple layers of meaning and this just goes to show you my sense of humour and what goes on within my mind thus showing...

... that i seriously need to get out more often...

Try out the fish joke on someone and see how people react (some of them might get loud!) and maybe.. film it or something... I don't know what you should do. You're taking suggestions from a man who thinks about fish jokes that make no sense and don't even have punchlines?

Edit from the distant future: Try this only on uptight logical nerds not autistic people, it is unfair to make fun of the autistic. Try to fine that fine line and stay on the right side, thank you.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I has blogs now!... whats do i do withs it? unfortunately talking like a lolcat is becoming ever less amusing (I are sick of its! although i do still love lolcats) but speaking of amusing that is what I do. For anyone who currently has stumbled upon this blog and has no idea who i am... thats ok the rest of the world doesn't know who i am either... neither do my youtube fans (well... most of them... hello those who know me) and that is why this blog exists because one) it can and two) because I feel that blogs are simply just for updates and rants and I have a (slowly) increasing fanbase on youtube (user: crazybilby for those who haven't figured it out yet) and so this blog will be about telling them about upcoming projects (lots of those right now just exams are annoying me a lot and getting in my way) so welcome to my (soon to be) amusing blog about THE FUTURE! and how... it's... going to catch up on us wether u like it or not! u can't stop it! its... THE FUTURE! (and soilent green is PEOPLE! :O!) so sit back and enjoy my rants because it's never going away and u WILL be wasting ur life reading it! (I like talking a lot about nothing as u may have learned already... i love u random stranger.... thanku for wasting ur time one something that doesnt even have correct spelling) but before i go on about my youtube channel (some more people pls subscribe... triple digits would make my day) i have to go to bed... nooo! :( and i was going to say something about fish! grr... goodnight people reading this blog...