Friday, January 11, 2013

Wow I'm Unobservant...

As a film student/content creator on Youtube I've done my fair share of editing. I usually edit my own stuff. Editing involves reviewing the same footage over and over and over again continuously, tweaking this, tweaking that, rearranging it, watching it back to see if it flows right, wait what's wrong woops I did that bit wrong I need to tweak it some more. And so something short can take a long time to make properly and by the end you'd think I'd know the footage better than the back of my hand.

Well, sometimes yes. (Also word of advice: if you ever edit a music video... DON'T make it to a song you really enjoy because by the end you would've heard it 300 times on repeat and will loathe it.) But sometimes I miss things.

For a film I made in highschool there was a scene where the character (played by me, because I'm a man of many trades and little friends to do things for me) walks onto the road and gets hit by a car. It was the biggest thing I'd embarked on so far, took ages, required a lot of editing, and so I proudly showed it off to the class to see what they thought. The character gets hit by a car and someone goes "what happened to his jacket?"


Wait... what? Turns out there was a massive continuity error where in one shot he's wearing a jacket, and in the next he's not. Which meant I had to reshoot the scene. I somehow hadn't picked up on this despite watching it several dozen times over and over.

*face palm*

This complete lack of observance of what's actually happening in frame in the aim of making sure the footage fits properly still continues. For instance my latest youtube video I briefly mention the idea that "shaking it like a polaroid picture" is as widespread a myth as a duck's quack doesn't echo.

Problem is I said "a duck's echo doesn't quack"

...*double face palm*

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