Friday, June 29, 2012

New Youtube Channel

It's called OneUpdateAtATime (it doesn't have uppercase letters but it's easier to see which words are what when I type it like that. I get paranoid I'm typing it wrong each time). Well I'm still working on it months after I created it so that's a good sign as I usually get bored with projects that involve regular updating and forget about them quickly. You should subscribe, or at least look at it.

My new youtube channel is for vlogs instead of short films because I have long since moved away from skit comedy and started on serious short films for my University studies. As I reach the end of my degree I want my upcoming short film to be for film festivals instead of youtube where it won't even get 100 views. Inspired by professional vloggers John and Hank Green, I decided to start up my online content generation again. My interest in youtube somewhat declined a few years back but I'm back into it and have started watching such famous youtubers as Alex Day aka Nerimon, Tom McLean aka Frezned and of course Charlie McDonnell, aka Charlieissocoollike which are all very interesting and have different styles so I suggest you check them out if you haven't already. But no really, why haven't you checked out Nerimon and Charlieissocoollike already? I have an excuse, because I didn't go on youtube in my spare time...

Yes. Currently very few people watch my videos on youtube but I don't mind (I'd enjoy if there were more, but it's not my main motivation really. People should enjoy doing something, not do it because they expect lots of attention. I'm never going to get half a million subscribers and I don't really care). One day one of my videos will get past 100. It's different from my old channel where I have videos with 10's of thousands of views, one over 123,000. It's a new beginning where I have to make my way back up to being noticed and getting comments every week saying "fake" as if that means anything.

I called it oneupdateatatime in reference to this blog post no one has ever read which is all about how online content whether it's text, video, any form of update is a form of autobiography. We're all creating online autobiographies as things happen and if the servers survive decades in the future and all the data is still there we can look back on it and see how our lives developed and changed. So yeah, I am making a video blog channel and it is going to document the more interesting parts of my life. I hope you enjoy it.

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