Thursday, April 26, 2012

Google Adsense

I've tried a few times and given up on the whole Google Adsense thing. My youtube channel has over 242,000 video views and so youtube has long since been telling me that I can sign up for monetisation! Yeah! But the application is so annoying and I really don't get it... so I failed a few times, then recently started again and had to re-activate my adsense account or something... I don't know but basically now THIS blog is up for review instead of my youtube channel and I don't know how to fix that.

I can't remember if there's anything copyrighted on here... I don't normally post pictures but recently whenever I have I've linked to their sources. I also have never seen this blog is that popular so monetising it won't get me any revenue. Sure, if Google goes "OK you have real ads now on your blog, have fun!" I'll be OK with that, just surprised... and any money I receive from this will be like "huh? My devoted readers in Slovenia clicked on my ads?" (Slovenia is the 3rd most common country for traffic to my blog after America and Australia. I find myself being read by random non-English speaking countries - some of which I didn't know existed until I looked at the Google stats feature (which, by the way, is actually really cool. Good work Google!))

If there are ads on this blog then I will definitely start posting more here. I have let posting to this blog slide to a few scattered updates not even once a month and I really need to change this. My most popular year was 2008, when I started, and I started nearly halfway through the year. Though admittedly my writing was atrocious back then (NO! DON'T CLICK THOSE ARCHIVES! I was yoouuunngg! I was foolish and didn't care about proper writing style! Not my embarrassing past as the average teenage blogger!). Tumblr takes my time now. Back in 2008 I mocked the idea of blogging, thought of it as this kinda silly thing to do, but now I realise that blogging is awesome... it doesn't matter what platform I have, I just want to write blog updates... so one day I will abandon this entirely, and tumblr entirely, and there'll be some new website for me to create an archive of miniature autobiographies.

Until then, I will try and post more here.

Also, speaking of youtube channels: I have a new one.

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