Wednesday, February 15, 2012

John Green: A Brief Observational Summary.

John Green is a youtube vlogger, co-founder of the online experiment Brotherhood 2.0, and award winning novelist.

John Green has an amazing way of looking at the world with inquisitiveness, joy, understanding or at least a thirst for understanding. His endlessly entertaining articulate musings are inspirational to viewers to see the world from different view points, discover new things, uncover the potential within themselves to make the world a better place. It is impossible not to learn new and exciting things that are oddly obscure when they're so fascinating (surely more people would know these things as common knowledge, I know I will tell my children them - some of them, particularly giraffe related, I will save until they are older) His books are emotionally charged pieces of literature that have been printed in several different languages. Nerdfighteria, an online community that spans the globe, has formed around their mutual love of his enthusiasm for nerdiness and helping the planet. It does amazing things, helps charities all over the place reach out and help the lives of so many people, and they produce amazingly creative pieces of work whether digital or physical things, some of which can be seen sitting on the shelves behind John Green in some of his videos. He's also the father to an adorable little boy called Henry who will one day grow up to be in awe of his old man and all that he has done.

He also has a brother, Hank Green. He sings songs which I look forward to hearing more of when the CD's arrive in the mail.

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