Sunday, August 28, 2011

Filming in Fremantle.

So the cool thing about my degree is I get offers to film bands. Yeah, cool huh? So that's what I did last night. I traveled all the way to Fremantle to film a band that I still can't remember the name of. Yeah, I don't remember the name of bands I work for... I didn't actually get told what the band name was until I was there and now I have forgotten (but I've got them saying their name on tape so it's all good). I was a bit worried before I got there because I a) hadn't filmed a live performance before so wasn't sure how well I'd do, b) didn't know what I was doing this for exactly or what was going on other than "film this" until I got there, but it was surprisingly simple. There wasn't a big set up, it was just the band wanting me to film the performance for promotional purposes and were like "you think a static shot at the back would be fine?" That was ridiculously easy. Set up camera on tripod, adjust settings for light, press record.

Well yay. Recorded one set at the back, recorded the 2nd nearer to the front. Both times were from the left and the drummer was on the right so the poor drummer in his seat position kept getting partly covered by the dancing crowd. There was this one guy in white that I wish I could just film him. He danced in a very... interesting manner. Even when I was to the side, separated from the dancing crowd he still managed to dance to the side and into frame so the footage just has this one guy popping in and out in a strange way continuously. It's brilliant. I also learned that if there's a dance floor, like wood, that is set on top of the carpet floor then don't put a trip on that dance floor... things shake... and you will need to hold the tripod and camera continuously to minimize vibrations. Woops. I don't think it'll matter than much... 

While I was filming this old lady (not like grey hair "what's the sonny? My hearing aid is on the blink again" old) kept looking at me which seemed reasonable. Random guy with a big camera in the back of the room, sure a few people would look. Then afterwards I went to talk to the singer and the lady corners me and starts talking about how she knows what I'm doing etc and it was a bit uncomfortable and freaky until she explained that she a) taught at Murdoch for 22 years in media b) is the singers' parent and thus of course she knows why I'm here. OK well that's good.

Oh and she asked me if I'd be interested in a multi-cam shoot sometime so hell yeah. Potential new project to be part of! Increase experience and resume, obtain job in the industry in the future. Huzzah!

Oh! And the awesome thing was that I didn't get lost on my way there! I always get lost when I go to new places even when I have a map but this time it was easy. The train station, the place my friend lived that I needed to go to get the camera equipment and the pub formed a triangle on a map and so I only had to walk down a street and then turn a corner. Achievement unlocked: navigate simple street layout.

Also, if there are any local bands reading this that want a low budget music video feel free to contact me! I love doing things for no money for bands (that's not sarcasm, I'm a film student - it's what we do).

And that's the story of how I went to sleep at 3am and woke up so tired that I still want a nap at its 2 in the afternoon. Worth it.

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