Thursday, March 31, 2011

RIP Fweckles, 2008-2011

Well today I went to feed my rabbits, only to have them escape their cage and run around and acting weird. They were running erratically and didn't seem interested in going home or eating, which is weird because they normally swarm towards the food at the end of the day to devour it. When I had failed rounding them up I noticed that one of them was missing from the mischief.

I looked around and noticed in that shadows at the back of the cage, lying perfectly still in an odd position was Fweckles.

My heart sunk. I'm not sure how to describe the nuance of it, but rabbits have a distinct difference between the way they lie down when exhausted/tired/sleeping and how they lie when dead.

Fweckles (like "freckles" only with a kayewt w) is the matriarch of the lot. She is the grandmother of Panda Moustache-Bunny (the youngest), the largest, oldest and hence the highest in the hierarchy of bunny pecking order. She was an awesome bunny. She would hop around the place like she owned it. When we let her out she'd hop all the way up a story and a half of stairs to hop around the balcony and wait outside the back door until someone inside noticed her and gave her a carrot. Such a spoiled rabbit.

Hey, time for pictures! Let's start with the day we got her:
She was so adorable!
Here she is all grown up eating a carrot on the balcony (as aforementioned)
Here she is with her granddaughter Panda Moustache Bunny taken on a fancy Pentax camera (that beats my terrible old cheap Kodak one hands down... ugh. Everything available today beats my old kodak one)
And here she is with Rachmaninoff, one of her two daughters (that we kept. She's had way more). She got so lazy in her old age. When she was nice and young she would actually climb the framing of her cage! But after falling down from a large height a few times she decided that maybe bunnies weren't meant to climb and were meant to hop around instead.

So that was her. A bunny with an actual personality (unlike Pythagoras, her albino daughter, who is passive and uninteresting) and she has been one of my favourite pets so far.

We buried her behind the shed that is partially her cage as well (it's a pretty big cage ok? You can walk into it). Rachmaninoff stood near the grave for a while, seemingly somewhat confused about it. There there bunny, your mother is gone now but it's ok, you've still got Pythagoras, Bean, Panda Moustache Bunny, the chickens and the guinea pig Plato to keep you company. (I have quite a few pets)


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