Friday, November 12, 2010

Afro Samurai Summary

Warning: The following blog post contains things that some people make consider spoilers. That and you'd get it better if you've seen the show Afro Samurai. If you haven't, stop reading, watch all 5 episodes, then come back.

Afro Samurai is a 5-part Anime miniseries about a black guy who kills hundreds of Asians in a constant blood bath so he can kill a three armed cowboy with a headband.
Before he can achieve his goal, his best friend from his past gets turned into Darth Vader by a cross between Man-at-arms/Duncan of He-Man and Dr Eggman of Sonic and then attempts to kill him while wearing a teddy bear head on his face on the top of a snowy mountain.
Samuel L Jackson stars as an imaginary ninja.

Also, there is a robot with an afro in it.*

(look at how awesome he looks. Image source.)

Now, does that not sound like the best thing ever? OK not the best thing ever, but it's actually very very cool and you should definitely watch it if you enjoy copious amounts of violence, blood, and Samuel L Jackson's voice.

The end.

*It took millions of man hours just to make it's head.

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