Tuesday, September 28, 2010

5-Posts and a Webcomic

5 blog posts in a month!? Whoa, man haven't been this blog-pumped since February! (This year, last year Feb was like whooaaa extreme blogging. Though nothing compares to the good old days when it started when I got up to 10 posts in a month. Wow, losing my game) Got to keep my blogging muscles in shape, don't want to get blog-flab... (the other kind of blog-flab, as opposed to the flab you get from excessive sitting on the computer and blogging... one must achieve balance between the two in life)

I didn't actually have something to blog about, I just thought "Yay! I could make it to 5 blog posts in a month! Keep going!" Though the wonderful Caitlin Hill way out did me with her BEDA thing and did 15 in August. Good for her, I'm not really competing with her, just saying... she blogged. She blogged alll ovveerrr that internets. Oh yeah. That's good yeah. That's good blogging, yeah I'd like to read her posts if you know what I mean! (That's not innuendo, I'm just turned on by the internet)

Another thing I'd like to point out to you is the hilariously dark and depressing art of John Campbell. (Who does the webcomic pictures for sad children which is absurd, dark, and incorporates magic realism into the comic to help you go along with the bizarre twists and turns of the comic. Here is an example of how it is odd: LINK! and remember, there's alt-text so hover your mouse! And read on for the next 2 or 3 strips at least. It's part of a story. The girl who appears in the next two met him at a party and for some reason butterflies seem to be attracted to her, which is why you'll see lots of them eventually.) John Campbell also did an art show somewhere somewhen, I don't know either... but I do know is that he posted a few photos of it on his tumblr!


Ya'll just got LINKED! I love it. It's very simplistic, but it's odd, it's amusing yet dark and it's different. I've got "A Brief History of Art" as my desktop background.

Great, now I'm reading through Pictures for Sad Children webcomics, I will have to drag myself away from them to do any work. When I get into a webcomic I read it all the way through from the beginning of it's archive until I catch up with the creator. Then I get bored because I don't get to read 100 posts per night and have to wait a few days until the next one... eventually I find a new webcomic to read all the way through, by the time I've gotten through that the older ones got newer ones so I go through the couple that have accumulated. I do it especially with Questionable Content by J. Jacques and Cyanide and Happiness by Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin and Dave McElfatrick (hehe they have amusing surnames) because Questionable Content has a running storyline throughout it's entire publication, and I often just forget about C&H for a while and then come back to it when I have nothing else. The system works.

Update on MY webcomic... I swear I'll get round to it during December! When I have a job, when I have more time to get it going. I don't want to start it then have an assignment due and then lose interest because I got busy. Ah December, I look forward to you greatly. I will create many things then, not just webcomics.

Now I am looking at Abstract Expressionism on the internet. At first glance one might go "this is gibberish! this is nonsense! It is terrible!" But on closer inspection you can see "Well this guy actually has talent, this is interesting, this is very meaningful..." ... but that only happens like... 1 in 5. The REST are gibberish! nonsense! terrible! It's like some metal bands, where they take all the stereotypical parts of metal, fast drum beats, screaming, fast riffs, and mash them up together without understanding the actual reason behind it, or the nuance of proper music. Some people create bizarre art, others just paint a yellow line down a brown background and go "I'm brilliant!" No. Minimalism can be done, and it can be done with talent. You do not have talent Barnett Newman! Aghhh!!!

End scene.

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