Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Seagulls are Counting Down

Attention everyone! I have recently noticed that I am nearing the 100 blog posts mark... Which would be quite an achievement if... no actually I can't think of any reason why that'd be an achievement.... ever.

Yes, I've been at this blogging thing since June 2008. Ah yes, I was a naive young blogger back then. Starry eyed and new to this wonderful world of free self expression online in a borderline exhibitionist medium for whatever nonsense I thought... Then the blogosphere crushed my soul. It crushed it good. Now I no longer see the glamour in blogging, but I do it anyway... just another lost soul on the internet, we keep going because we must. We must do it until we get carpel-tunnel or RSI because we just can't stop!

*Breathes heavily*

What has happened in those years? What has changed since the beginning? Well, if you had read my blog then you would've known... But OK, major events that have changed my life... graduating highschool, enrolling to uni, climbing mount kilamanjaro... oh wait, I didn't blog about that last one. Oh, must've slipped my mind what with all that high altitude stuff and generally being incredibly awesome. (P.S. I'm lying)

So yes, like a gamer who realises he's about to level up, I too have noticed a milestone and thus will try harder to reach the goal of 100 blog posts. That might actually be fun.

In other, less interesting news (you mean it can get LESS interesting!?) I got to the 1000 tweets milestone on twitter a while ago. Yeah, my twitter account is semi-fictional which means I can say things that are real and get away with it with no consequences, or I could make up whatever I want and no one will read it anyway. It's pretty simple.

I should definitely update my youtube account. I think my subscribers have pretty much forgotten who I am now due to my scarcity on the site.

By now I've noticed that I'm not actually very noticeable. I don't get many people paying attention to anything I do on any site... which is kinda OK if you don't mind never being one of those well known internet "celebrities" and have a life outside of the internet (which I swear I do... or at least I will when it arrives in 6-8 weeks) but it's unfortunate if you want to start a webcomic. And I do.

Yes, I've been writing material for it, getting some concept art done and such. (The look of it is still a bit crude, but ALL webcomics start off simplistic compared to how the art develops years on) Found myself a hosting plan and a way to buy the domain. Also got someone to help with website design. The problem is that if I want to get anyone to view it I'll need to come up with advertising strategies and find a way to get people other than my friends to view it.

Oh yeah, I'm also thinking about getting a Diploma in Advertising next year or the year afterwards but that's besides the point.

Though work on The Seagulls are Watching is going slow, I do believe I can get it running before the end of this year! I'll let you know on my 100th blog post more information :) Here's an example of what I've done so far:

"Inappropriate Pick up Lines"

I tried fixing it but it wouldn't be bigger. You must click on it to enlarge it.

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