Friday, July 23, 2010

Community Buttons

Buttons! I've added new ones (or at least Google has) to my blog posts! Now down the bottom there's a little sharey thingy buttony thingy.... thing... Don't believe me? Smell my car. (what?) It helps you email or facebook my blog posts (which all jokes aside, we honestly know that not one of you really cares).

OK I want to give you my review of a TV series called Community starring the one and only Donald Glover (Along with other people, some of which you've ACTUALLY heard of... like... Chevy Chase "who?") but first I need to continue talking about buttons. I swear I'll tell you how awesome it is in a minute just hang in there OK? Good.

We all know that buttons are cool, and pretty fun to press. We also know never to tell people to simply NOT press a button because that will almost invariably lead to people pressing the button. Or so you'd think... What I really want to do is put a button somewhere, about shoulder height, easy to see, easy to get to, on a wall in a completely normal spot for a button to be... and see how many people will push it out of curiosity of what it is compared to if you put a "don't press" sign above it. Little do these people know that they're being watched...


I sit, staring at screens endlessly with pen and paper in hand watching people press my button... oh yes... mmm press it against my instruction. Oh yeah, defy the sign baby...


Community. A brilliant TV show that is on NBC (for those who aren't American, have never watched NBC and are pretty much... just like me... it's broadcast on uh... to be honest I don't know what channel. I don't watch TV.) that is one of those rare gems that manages to prove that American's can be pretty damn funny and interesting when they try. I can't believe how well written it is! I'm just sitting there laughing my head off at everything, completely not expecting the random pieces of dialogue that run together so well. The actors take what they're given and deliver it just so beautifully. Their performances are incredible and the characters they create are hilarious, unique and instantly likeable. Abed is one of my favourite. He just has this simple autistic innocence that just makes him so cool. He just acts so serious in ridiculously absurd situations and I love it. I love this show. Donald Glover creates a distinctly different character (Troy Barnes) from his role in Mystery Team (Jason Rogers) showing that this upcoming actor actually can act and is more than a sketch comedian. (Btw, Mystery Team was incredibly hilarious and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it... except the bit with the stripper and the toilet. Yes, it did descend into the realms of crudeness at points, but still an overall great film) Sure, he's most likely never going to be Spider Man (Sorry man, it's just not going to happen, but good attempt though) but I do believe that he is destined to get noticed by the rest of America in time.

Chevy Chase. Do I need to review Chevy Chase? I'll be all like "he's funny" and you're like "yeah we know." Really, Community is a wonderfully scripted TV show that isn't bland, doesn't need canned laughter and oh look! An average rating of 8.8 on DAMN STRAIGHT! It deserves that average rating :) It is wonderful.

I cannot wait until season 2! Watch it, now.

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