Friday, July 30, 2010

Accursed Nature!

Alas, I have recently discovered that I am mildly allergic to bee-stings (which I found out the hard way). I was wandering amongst a lovely park in the city when unbeknownst to me, a bee had landed between my fingers with intent to harm! As I moved, I noticed the odd sense of pressure caused by something filling space where there shouldn't have been. Moving out of reaction, I tried to shake the thing from between my fingers, or at least bring it closer to inspect it. But no sooner had I noticed it was there, did the bee put it's evil plot into action! Thrusting it's stinger down onto my left pinky finger and leaving before I could see a thing! What a dastardly bee...

My hand proceeded to swell up and I was unable to bend most of my fingers for a while and it hurt a lot. Was quite a shame I use my pinky in my left hand for the shift key and a lot of my passwords involve multiple capital letters (because remember kids, random capital letters and numbers make things many times more secure than just "password") And also, to my dismay, I was unable to practice the piano! Curses!

That reminds me that I still need to perfect Beethoven's 5th for the performance. Bleh, there's always something I need to improve upon.

Well, soon I shall return to University, with a Minor in Creative Writing and a Minor in Journalism added onto my Bachelor of Screen Production, my future employment prospects are looking better than ever! (because you can always do better than never) I can't wait! It's only a few days now :D I've also dropped the only Unit this semester that involved an exam, as it was unnecessary and wouldn't have helped my degree... so hey, life is good when exams are a thing of the past :)

To the future!

Yes, this blog was mainly about me being stung by a bee.

Also, someone vote on the damn poll already!

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