Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It's that time again! That time where I tell you about my most recent and most worked on film of that semester/year. Well for this semester, my film is 3:42pm. A deep and depressing film about the horrors of abuse and the painful extremes of suicides to escape said abuse. It hasn't actually been marked yet as it was handed in on Sunday, but when I do get my results back I'll be sure to tell you. But yes, for my Screen Production unit I was tasked with the task (thesaurus? Nah, that's been extinct for 65 million years!) of making a one minute short film without dialogue and I did that. It took a lot of editing down to make it fit into that one minute, with many cuts but perhaps that's for the better. It worked out exactly how I wanted it to the end.

So here it is:

Embed? NO! This blog post isn't wide enough to fit a proper youtube videos widescreen into it! I tried resizing it but it just got warped and tiny and still didn't like me. So click the link up above.

Pretty darn interesting is it not? Yes, that is some Grade A acting from Daniel Buckle there. He's doing screen acting at FTI or so I'm told. He actually was very willing to do a lot of things, including slam down onto the floor again and again and again. I thank him quite a lot. He was also willing to get chest deep in a bath full of ice. It was as cold as he makes it look, if not colder. That bit isn't acting, he is seriously very very cold. I should know, I had to stand in the bath and film it. My legs were numb afterwards and didn't want to move much.

No actors were harmed (permanently) in the making of this film. We monitored his temperature before and after shooting. Funny story, his temperature was actually below normal before we put him in the tub... that bit I'm not kidding about. We quickly got him towels and ran a hot shower for him, gave him a change of clothes and spin dried his clothes so they were nice and warm and not wet at all. We did this while we played pool to celebrate a filming session well done. He was all very happy about it. See?

An entire film filmed all in one day... Ah, I may never see that again as it just gets more complicated and harder from here. YEAH! Here's to making a career out of this.