Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fat Smoking Toddler

Feast your eyes on the absolute disgusting sight of a FAT TODDLER SMOKING!

Yes, a kid in Indonesia has become addicted to cigarettes... WHAT. THE. HELL??

"If he doesn't get his cigarettes, he gets angry and screams and batters his head against the wall. He tells me he feels dizzy and sick." Said the idiot of a mother. Oh boohoo! Kid should get a smack. How terrible a parenting strategy is that? 2 year old cries so they give him whatever he wants. This kids life is ruined by having such ridiculously bad parents. It get's worse, the article goes on to say he now smokes 40 a day. HE'S ONLY 2 YEARS OLD!!! That's disgusting. These parents are soppy, pathetic, weak and simple minded not to mention stupid. His father isn't worried about his health. Well his father is an imbecile! "He looks healthy"? He looks like he's made of fat! He's a giant round ball of fat and smoke and can't play with anyone because he's too fat to do anything. Poor child. I pity him. He's going to be unbelievably maladjusted socially when he grows up not to mention seriously ill. Poor kid doesn't know just how much he got screwed over in this...

And to think! Authorities are apparently offering the parents a car if they encourage him to quit! Um... how about "Make him quit. Or we lock you up and your kid gets taken away?" Though I would've just preffered "You've let this continue deliberately and with full knowledge of the serious danger and harm you have put your kid in. You get jail now and your kid gets taken away regardless. You've had your chance."

Blargh! Rage! This is my angry rant about CHILD ABUSE and I hope you've been angered like I have just be hearing about this. Ridiculous! I am disgusted and distraught by this...

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