Monday, February 16, 2009

Side Notes.

Note: Whenever words like "international" or "cross-country" are used in relation to phone calls from a mobile it is a good idea to limit the length of said phone calls...

(In jokes are rude :P)

When describing things that happen when no one's looking it's best to be specific unless people don't get what you're talking about... and not be too specific unless they just don't care. (Sorry Grace...)

You're only as horrible as the person next to you laughing at what you just said.

Sunlight is never a good thing.... ever....

Special Note: Homework is essential. Pointless blogs are merely distractions and should be avoided...

Special Note: Listen to self more often.

Always ask what's been on your mind for the past month not what's been on your mind the past second.


Bella said...

whats been on my mind in the past MONTH???

geez man not trying to make it difficult or anything...

ummm boys, guys, males, parties, fun, reading, TWILIGHT!!, twilight DVD, Directors Notebook: by Catherine Hardwicke, OMFG the guys in Twilight are HOT, raynies party was preeeetty kool, hehe i met THE Bilby:P, why the hell did rayne do that...or that...or that...or that...or that..eeew why did rayne do THAT with HIM, umm coz hes hot DUH,lotsa candles on a bday cake :P, forever winning arguments (but you already knew that hehe), movies, school sux, im bored, when is this going to end, you did NOT!, should i learn to speak italian?, OMG what a BITCH!, what colour nail polish TODAY??.

Geez what dont i think. its actually pretty hard to remember what you thought of in the last MONTH. like 4 WEEKS of thoughts. geez you could write a book. or a blog HA

i DARE you to try and come up with things you have thought of in the last month! So haha plz hurry up:) its bound to be very entertaining hehe:)

Bella x

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Um... that's... not what I meant by "whats been on your mind for the past month" by that I meant something you've been meaning to say for a month but never got round to it and forget to do so every chance you get...

Very well. I accept your challeng.

WATCHMEN! Common psychological disorders amongst teenage girls, assorted paraphilia, uses paraphilia in insults, MUDKIPS!, internet humour (e.g. Shoop da woop and OH RLY?), **** and **** but not much ****, complexity of language, STICKY TAPE, losing someones favourite book, buying a book, looking gay in bright colours, looking cool in black, common trends in modern popular shoe design, an axolotyls metabolism, a list of things I didn't need to know about my friends but they unfortunately tell me (cornflake, rayne), various ideas for machinima, the unbridled idiocy of the common youtube user, the insanity of society, metahumour, metaphysical poetry, the ineptness of maths as a hobby, the physical effect of sugar, how much I miss Lorna, how much I enjoy being with Lorna, how much it's going to suck when I leave Lorna's house, comparing neo-classical metal music to avante-garde metal, experimental film, TEE scores, contemporary metal music, moving out of home, religion, science, turning 710, physical appearance, pointlessness of certain school subjects and I've also thought about what I'm going to write next in my novel.

My list is longer and more interesting than yours (and isn't as interpersonal)

Bella said...

well i was using mine as an example so it doesnt fully count. i would think about heaps and heaps of other things. like my dogs birthday or learning how to say slut in italian (PUTTANA!!!) haha i love that.

Bella x

Brooke said...

"Cross-country" calls huh?
Why does that sound so darn familiar?