Thursday, December 18, 2008


OK! Guess who has now seen Australia? Well actually I saw it a while ago I just didn't have the time to blog about it... well I was going to make a Vlog about it for my new channel but I don't think anyone cares about a rambling 10 minute Vlog that is just me talking about the movie without being funny... I know I don't and I can't be bothered editing it because I've got proper film projects to do... real ones. Anyhoo, so yeah I am here to blog about the movie Australia!

OK, Australia... big, long, epic movie with great reviews! (except a few) but guess what? NO ONE IS RIGHT! It was a good movie... not really bad, not immensely brilliant just plain good. But because of it's length it's not going to be one of those movies you want to go see again for a while... now, this movie is made for a reason. This reason is to get tourism into Australia and basically do for Australia what Lord of the Rings did for New Zealand and quite frankly...

It's just that the movie is not appealing to a foreign audience. epically failed.

Yes, Australia is made of fail in that regards. I like this movie! It's good! It was only a bit too long and it was good!.... Just not for anyone who isn't already in the country! You see, this film has an awful lot of cultural things in it. There is quite a bit of Aboriginal culture put into it... and... i'm tired i'm not writing anymore..

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