Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blogs on bloggers

I have recently discovered that the school librarian has a blog... I also recently found out his name is Rod which for some reason is really weird to me... seriously though being young (although technically 709) you refer to all your teachers as "Mr such and such" unless they're girls (because calling women men will generally lead to you getting in trouble) and so it's all very odd because we all go round thinking of people as certain names and nothing else and we never stop to think that there is more to their names or what we call them. Seriously you never stop and look at a teacher and think "Who is this person? I don't even know their first names!" (although sometimes I actually know my teachers first names. Hello Jacqueline! :P Yes btw anyone who knows who that is, please tell me at school that you noticed that... SOMEONE TELL ME THIS BLOG GETS ME ATTENTION!) so really next time you go out to somewhere you always go just stop and think when you greet someone with "Mr" or "Mrs" and go "hey what is this person's name?" and you know you might find something out very odd and bizarrely shocking like their name is Rod! :O

here is afforementioned blog:

Btw anyone wondering who I am and think that maybe this person will help you discover my identity then... you're weird... just... get a life... :S

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