Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Beach Beneath the Cliff

Yesterday I was bored. I was overcome with the feeling of being cooped up indoors. I'm normally a very indoors person but sometimes I get restless and need to move around and the way to deal with this involves exercising until I am physically tired. I feel the urge to adventure.

So that's what I did.

The sun was setting and the post-rain clouds that covered most of the sky lit up with this beautiful orange glow. My friend and I had driven to the beach because I had no real plan to this adventure. There didn't need to be a direction or end goal, there just needed to be something. The sunset was so pretty it annoyed the hell out of me because I wanted to photograph it and I hadn't brought my DSLR with me. Yes, I am the kind of person who gets annoyed at how beautiful the natural world is if it means I miss an opportune photogenic moment. Curse you nature for being really nice to look at!

Next up: the look out on top of the taller of the sand dunes. It by itself was unimpressive and by this point it was getting dark. At this point my friend decided that hey, if we're going on adventure then fences didn't apply to us so over it we go and onwards towards the coast. The coast, of course, at this particular point isn't so much a nice sandy beach as it is a rocky cliff-face that has a sudden drop onto more jagged rocks. Woo! Rather fine thing to go exploring near at night. (#YOLO)

To the side though we discovered an alcove that hard been carved into the rock. It was a few metres drop to get into it and the sand was heavily littered with rocks larger than us so jumping could result in two outcomes: landing on the sand and breaking our legs or landing on the rocks and dying. We walked around the entire thing considering which parts were best of rock climbing until we found a small entrance of sorts where the rock jutted out in increments of about 2 feet above each other forming a very disfigured natural stair case down into the alcove. We managed to get down without injury.

It was like a secluded miniature beach only a few metres across. The rock had been carved inwards by the tide and so a small cave like structure had formed under the cliff. We sat on two large rocks near the entrance of it and talked about different things like comic books and life while the light of the crescent moon illuminated the waves. Small unidentifiable bugs that would jump away when you shone a light on them walked around near the seaweed. It was peaceful. I no longer felt restless. I decided I had done something worthwhile that day.

When the tide started coming in closer we decided it was time to leave. We parted ways and I went back home. It wasn't the grandest of adventures, I didn't go very far from home, but I explored, I found something new, and I had fun. Even small adventures can be good for you.

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