Thursday, April 26, 2012


I saw the Avengers movie last night! IT WAS EPIC! Don't worry though, the following post does not contain spoilers.

Well I was going with a friend (the same person I went to another midnight screening with), who had organised her own group of friends to go (most of whom I didn't know, but a few I did). Just your average 10 or so large group of people excitedly walking around 3 hours before the movie started occasionally saying loudly "I STILL BELIEVE IN HEROES". We went to Hungry Jacks for pre-movie munchies and I attempted to get an employee discount on a cone and drink because I work at HJs just not this one... I figured I could casually go "Is (manager's name) working here tonight?" and they'd be like "ah, he knows his stuff."

Nope. They made me name the managers at my store. One of which I said was permanently grumpy... so he proceeds to call her up (none of the other ones... specifically her). "No don't tell her I said that!" She answers. He confirms I work for her and I get a discount of my drink (which they got wrong). Worth it though. I'm not paying 50c for a cone... that's a suckers price man. 35c cones for the win.

THEN... WAITING FOR THE MOVIE!.... for 2 hours! Right outside the theatre! 2nd group in line! We were committed OK? A lot of this waiting around involved throwing the free posters we got at each other (I kept hold of mine, I wanted it) and occasionally two of us would simultaneously go "shhhh" and suddenly half the crowd that was forming would quiet down. It was awesome that "shhh" is so laden with power you could do that. (We were waiting outside two theatres that had a movie already showing so I apologise to anyone inside either of those films who could hear the crowd of excited nerds outside) Outside they have screens above all the doors playing trailers for movies (with the sound playing quietly) so we got to watch The Avengers trailer about 15 times before we were let in. Because you know, it's not like were capable of wanting to see it any more than we already did.

There weren't many people dressed up in costumes like with the Harry Potter midnight screening. But there were a few and they were awesome. First one we encountered was a girl dressed as Iron Man. She had attached LED lights to her chest and hands that she could turn on and off. And because I live in Perth, people in my group recognised her, and I recognised that part of her group of friends included someone who worked with me. Ah, Perth, you do love your small world theory.

Costume two was also Iron Man, but a guy this time. He had gotten two boxes, one for the body and one for the head, cut two eye holes, and drawn a few basic lines on it so you got that it was Iron Man. To ad to the hilarity, when the ads started he got down to the very front and started dancing! A round of applause!

Other people who adorned comic-book related clothing was this girl wearing tight black with Superman underwear on the outside. Because... irony?

I personally felt under dressed because no one had told me that half the people in the group I was in were dressing up in suits. Apparently nothing says "AVENGERS MIDNIGHT SCREENING!" like an Englishman in a bowtie.

The movie starts. Everything is quiet.

And then awesomeness happens.

If you were worried that the trailer seemed too much like a generic action movie, like gathering a bunch of superheroes into one spot would just be an excuse to blow things up and smash things instead of having any plot of character depth in it... you were wrong. Joss Whedon was amazing in his handling of these bunch of heroes and mixing them together for a big epic story! I have never enjoyed the Hulk movies but his inclusion in this one actually works. There were many thrills to be had, and a few fight scenes that will give the comic book nerd a geekish glee to watch as character A and character B face off in fights you've longed to see outside of comic books for ages. Pow! Boom! Crash!

I could find no fault with this movie. It was just all round awesome. AND IT WAS HILARIOUS. It's funnier than a lot of comedies but knows when to be tense too. Some moments were so good they had the audience applauding with laughter (and there's one line by The Hulk that I missed entirely so I need to go and rewatch the movie so I know what it is).

The Avengers is what action movies should aspire to be.

Oh, and anyone who is going to see it who knows that Marvel likes putting secret cool preview things at the end of the credits: don't both staying to the very end... the SUPER EPIC AWESOME EXCITING preview scene you're waiting for is just after the first part of the credits where they show the actors names and isn't very far in so yay! Not much waiting!

BUT THAT PREVIEW! OMG IT WAS AMAZING! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT AVENGERS MOVIE NOW! But alas, it is years away... Oh Marvel, why must you make me wait for all your awesome additions to your cinematic universe!?

I still believe in heroes.

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